How much is the push-ups?Different people's requirements are different

Push-ups are a very common movement in life. As long as it is a fitness, it is basically easy to master for push-ups, but for the newbie's fitness, there will be certain difficulties for push-ups, and for push-ups It is also limited, I don't know how much it is, because too much exercises may cause unnecessary damage, so exercise properly, then how much is it suitable for push-ups?

How much is it for push-ups a day?

For different people, the number of doing is different, wanting to make the triceps with the chest muscular muscles, and there must be a certain strength for push-ups, and individuals can decide according to their own situation. Keep step by step. The principle, increase the number, and for the initiator, you can do three groups one day, do ten, if you are under 18 years old, you can do three groups, each group is ten, and two People from 10 to 30, can do six to eight groups, each group is doing fifteen, and for 30 to 40 years old, you can do five to seven groups, each group is fifteen, If you are fifty years old, you can decide according to your own situation, and make reasonable arrangements for your strength.

Push-ups are done every day or every day.

We all know that push-ups can make the thirtless muscles and arms have a good exercise effect. For strong considerations, you can do a push-ups every day, so that the body's activity increases, if it is just Muscles are exercised or do not need to do every day, if you do every day, make the effect of the muscles will be more ideal.

How long is it in push-ups?

In fact, the push-ups don't need to do seven or eighty, you can do ten to fifteen each time, after 10 to 60 seconds, after rest, but continue to do, but every action must be grasped Good rhythm, uniform speed, the effect of achieving better, don't be slow, so it will only be too laborious.

How much is it right for push-ups? The goals and requirements of each sports project are very different. And how long is the content of each group, I hope to help everyone.

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