What are the indoor fitness equipment to see these fitness equipment, you don't know?

Today, the era is a "national fitness" era, and the living standard is increasing, and everyone has prompted everyone to pay more attention to the problem of fitness. In the fitness trend of the time, many people like to go to the professional gym to exercise, so you can help yourself better exercise with fitness equipment. What are the indoor fitness equipment? Let's take a look at it and see if you don't know these fitness equipment!

What are the indoor fitness equipment?

(1) Treadmill

Among the indoor fitness equipment, the treadmill is one of the most well known, regarding a typical representative of aerobic exercise. On the treadmill, the fitness can set the speed, mileage and time, etc. according to their own situation, and can quickly calculate the calories, heart rate, etc. of the fitness consumption, is a fitness equipment that the fitness is quite like.

(2) Synvo bicycle

The dynamic bicycle is a popular sports program, which is an indoor bicycle training course combined with music and visual effects. It is full of vitality. Through dynamic bicycle training, it can help to consume lower limbs. The heat is very helpful to the decorative leg.

(3) Steps

The stepper is slightly different from the treadmill, because the stepper is mainly running, slowly running with a multi-functional aerobic training, because his movement is similar to the mountaineering movement, so it is also named a mountaineering, insisting on mountaineering Machine movement can help achieve a good weight loss.

(4) Barbell

Barbell is a fitness equipment for core muscles. It is an assembly used in weight, which can help enhance muscle strength, have a good exercise effect on multiple muscle groups such as shoulder back, arms and chest, and long-term barbell exercise. It can make the lines of the body more flexible, which is very helpful to improve muscle relaxation.

The above is the relevant content of the indoor fitness equipment. In fact, there are many indoor fitness equipment, such as lying puppies, sitting, leg trainers, high pull training, sitting posture, tens of tricks, deep squatting racks There are many kinds, if you don't know how to choose fitness equipment, you can help professional fitness instructors, let them help you choose a fitness equipment that best suits you.

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