A university launched a low salt low oil fitness meal!How much is the fitness diet? How much is salt to eat?

On December 9, there was a fitness window in the canteen of Tianjin University, which was welcomed by many students.

Previously, the school issued a "fitness metrics" and eventually launched three low oil and low salt fitness meals, with an average price of 14 yuan.

Why do you want to low salt low salt?

The main purpose of low salt is not for fitness, but for health and health.

The low salt is not equal to no salt, mainly refers to the sodium ions in the salt, monosodium ions in sodium osmium, so that the ultimate goal is to control the intake of sodium, but there is no sodium.

Big data statistics show that in our country's dietary habits, sodium's intake exceeds 2 times the recommended intake, and the northern region exceeds three times, so the intake of sodium is controlled, it is from all aspects, as a fitness People, physical health is the most important, so control sodium is reasonable.

How much is the salt to eat?

How many salts are eaten?

According to the World Health Organization, an adult is less salt to eat less than 5 grams, and the daily salt intake in the 2016 "Chinese Dietary Guide" is recommended less than 6 grams, but most of China The intake of intake is excellent.

Of course, don't forget the flow of soy sauce, sauce.

According to our eating habits, most people are still in a high salt diet, especially most of the northern part of the northern part of the high-salt diet.

Therefore, the partners' fitness diet should be reasonable to control the intake of salt, rather than being pursuing less salt or even salt.

How to control the salt intake?

1. Consider using low sodium salts.

Low sodium salts contain low sodium (70% sodium chloride), potassium chloride (about 30% of potassium chloride), which helps to balance the human sodium potassium, and studies have shown that in low sodium diet Based on the increase of potassium intake, the risk of hypertension can be further reduced. There is still a benefit of low sodium salts that although the amount containing sodium is low but the savory is basically not affected. The disadvantage is that some of the salty taste is of potassium, and it will bring a little bitter taste, which is the price of low sodium salt relative to ordinary edible salts.

2, you can't just pay only the salt.

Also note that the salt content in the sauce such as soy sauce, saban sauce, butter sauce is also not low. And when you eat hot pot, you need a sauce when you need a sauce, so as much as possible.

3, picking food, processed food to eat less.

Marinated food should be placed in order to give food preservation and preservation, bacon, salted fish, pickles, salted eggs, sauerkrauts, etc. to eat less. Of course, many people will only think about the food, eat less salt, but eat less, but Ignore a lot of salt in many processing foods, and go to eat less fresh vegetables and meat, even It is also necessary to choose a food product to choose a lower amount of sodium.

4, use other season to replace the salt.

Low salt diet is not a diet, like onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, black pepper and eight angles, fennel, cumin, pepper, more commonly used in Chinese food, can be used instead of salt Soy sauce is used, and the taste of the cuisine can be rich.

5, use the amount of control.

People daily diet is inserted with salt per day within 6 g, preferably using metering tools to control the amount of salt.

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