More than walking, walking to the way, health is healthier

I don't know when, the day travel has become the goal pursued by many people, especially for mobile phone memory and various software, people in order to reach 10,000 numbers. But can you really promote your health every day? Do you get healthy? How can I get health more effectively?

Just look at the number of steps, do not look at the strength, the effect is limited!

Many people have a habit, take a look at the number of steps before resting every night, if you are more than 10,000, you are very satisfied, you feel your health. This way to love healthy lifestyle is of course advocated, but if only the number of steps is stared, the effectiveness of health is actually limited.

Studies have found that exercise is mainly seen in the health of health. If you only see the number, you don't pay attention to strength, you can't attract the body's benign stress, which is insufficient to help our pursuit. So, how should I determine if the intensity of walking is enough? In fact, the speed is an important reference standard that can reasonably reflect the intensity of the traveleway. In general, walking 110 steps per minute, and the intensity intensity will reach the standard. Therefore, you can count how many steps you can take one minute, and determine the strength.

Let's go, healthier!

Walking is good for health, but if you don't have the right way, pursue a lot, but may damage the legs. In particular, usually lack exercise, there is no exercise habit, one or 20,000 steps have been taken together, and they will last for several days, and there will be damage to joints and ligaments.

Li Ayi from Guangzhou is 60 years old. Since the number of WeChat steps, Li Ayi went to the park every day, it will reach 10,000 steps every day, plus Li Ayi usually likes to dance square dance, so step The number is basically about 20,000. Unexpectedly, this long time is over, causing more and more her joint cavity, slowly forming a knee joint solution. So, in order to walk, don't over-pursue the number of steps, it is enough to achieve a certain strength, especially older people, but also pay more attention to excessive exercise. So how do you go, is it healthier?

First, the number of people different ages, if it is a retired old man, it is enough to take 5000 steps every day; and adults, you will take about 10,000 steps in 40 minutes. It is best to put your arms when walking. Pointed with the shoulder level, the steps must be moved, and at the same time, with breathing. Such a long time, rhythm, relatively fast walking is more beneficial to health.

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