Will running the legs thicker?Is your running method is wrong

Will running the legs thicker?

Many people think that running will make the legs thicker, the reason is that the legs of the short runners are very crude. " Indeed, many short runners' leg muscles are very developed, but many long runners are very thin, then will it be thicker?

Running will not make the legs thicker, in fact, and the way of running. When short running, the body will enter an oxygen-free movement, not only does not consume fat, but also make the muscles become more and more strong. The long run is an aerobic exercise, and it is necessary to consume a lot of fat and will not generate muscles. The short runners often train, do a lot of oxygen exercise every day, and then eat a lot of high-protein food, promote muscle generation, so the legs become rough and strong. The long runner consumes a lot of fat every day, and the fat of the leg is less, and because of exercise, the curve of the leg is tightened, so the legs are fine.

Therefore, although running can make the legs be thicker, you can also stovepipe.

How to run, will not make the legs be thick?

1. Prepare the exercise, through the warmth, make the body enter the state of exercise, improve the efficiency of the movement, can reduce the amount of exercise, prevent the leg swelling from over-exercise.

2. Don't use your front foot when you run. The front of the front is a short run, not only to stimulate the calf muscles, but also increase the pressure of the knee joint. It should be the first step, and then slowly transition to the forefoot.

3. Control running time, generally 20 minutes - 1 hour, but also according to its own physical condition, prevent excessive exercise from causing muscle fatigue.

4. Relaxation, such as tentifying the legs, taking the muscles of the legs, and alternate to the legs with cold water and hot water.

5. Don't eat big drink after running, pay attention to balanced diet.

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