Men swim two hours a day, "swimming shoulders"!30% swimmer

To handsome appearance at the wedding, 30-year-old groom decided to surprise Lee lose weight, go to the swimming pool to swim two hours a day, only to hurt his shoulder too much force, the pain could not lift his arm. So hurry to the Wuhan Central Hospital for treatment. After examination, he was diagnosed with "swimming shoulder" that is, rotator cuff injury.

Three percent experienced swimmers swimming shoulder

Clinical studies show the last nine years Sancheng swimmers because of improper warm-up, suffering from "swimming shoulder." Swimming shoulder, medically known as "shoulder impingement syndrome", mainly due to the rotation of the upper arm abduction swimming, generate a lot of pressure on the shoulders, resulting in excessive exercise shoulder tendon injury. Exercise time is too long, exercise intensity is too large, it is likely to lead to the symptoms. Freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, etc. "For too far shoulder" of swimming, more susceptible to "swim shoulder." Medical experts recommend, first, before launching fully stretched ligaments stretch, time should be less than 10 minutes; the second is swimming exercise should be gradual, each time increasing the amount of swimming should not be too large, for the first training session for 20% less is better; the third is the emergence of shoulder pain should not continue, if for a few days has not been restored, it should go to the doctor.

How to prevent this from happening?

Swimming is recommended before must do warm-up exercises, you can do a few push-ups, jogging or other sports Swing legs, warm-up time for at least 10 minutes. To pay attention to maintain the correct posture while swimming, the body was floating state level, the body relax, stretch action, hand and foot movements with coordination in place, the swimming speed balanced, not too much too fast. To the reasonable control of swimming time, the longest time should not exceed one hour. If you feel shoulder discomfort, it should be time to stop swimming, shore leave. If symptoms are severe, we must promptly to the hospital.

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