Why can't you eat salt?

I know that there will be edema in salt, and many times the salt inside the body still needs moisture to make metabolism, and the fitness is to reduce the intake of salt. Because salt plays an important role in water balance and cytokineties, the salts in the body can cause water retention in muscles, observe the sharpness of the muscle fibers on the surface of the skin, so you want to achieve better The fitness effect is best to eat less salt.

Salt is difficult to digest in the body. After the human body meets the basic human body, the metabolic salt is still required to digest the extra moisture, which will lead to a problem, edema. Excessive salt is too much or too small, it is harmful to the human body. If you have too much salt in a long time, it is more likely to induce high blood pressure, heart disease, and even cause edema.

Why do you eat salt?

Salt into the body inside, causing the body of water begins to lose all to consume the body of salt, increasing the capacity of the vessel which is not conducive to fitness training. The main components are sodium salt, an appropriate amount of such ions in the case of acid base balance can be adjusted. However, if excessive, then people need to drink an excessive amount of water to adjust the ion concentration of the body, that person's blood volume increases.

Many people know that the body is necessary to supply the salt, but sometimes also have a lot to note that salt intake problem. The total salt content in the body of an adult about 1 g / kg body weight, of which 50% salt play a decisive role in osmotic pressure, and water balance in the acid-base balance. Most of the salt content of meals to lose weight, not enough body's normal functioning of the day, especially on the basis there is a certain amount of exercise. Because of peacetime training exercise, the body will sweat, lose a lot of salt, in particular, should pay attention to add salt!

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