How to practice when you start fitness

The economic level is constantly developing and people's lives are constantly improving. Now people's requirements are not just simple to eat enough, especially pay attention to the health of the body, and participate in more and more people in the body. When I got the ranks of my fitness, how did I start to practice? Let's take a look.

How to practice after starting fitness

For those who have just started fitness, they must first start from the simplest start, such as a treadmill, but can not immediately go to the treadmill, before you have to do some warm-up exercise, make the whole body muscles, become more soft And it is not easy to be injured. If it is the first time, it is best to go slowly, then jogging for 15 minutes. This movement is best to maintain three weeks, it can be slow according to your own situation. Slowly add.

After many people who have just begun to get their fitness, they have a long time, and they see all the fitness equipment to try it. How do you feel addicted, it is easy to feel fatigue, causing muscular acid If you don't pay attention, if you don't pay attention, you will cause exercise damage. When you first start fitness, you can practice for forty minutes. You can use the fifteen to twenty minutes to jog, and the training of strength is for ten minutes. It is possible to do some flexible exercises.

Inside the gym, pay attention to wear canvas shoes or flat shoes. The bottom of this shoe is relatively thin. When you start fitness, the muscles in the feet are relaxed, it is easy to cramps or sprain, so it is best to wear Jogging shoes or training shoes or thickening socks.

How to practice when I started to exercise? For this question, all people are very concerned, especially for those who are considering participating in the fitness ranks, do not set high requirements when they start fitness, do not choose high-intensity sports. Project, have introduced above, I hope to help everyone.

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