Challenge the ultimate hard pull 260 pounds of barbell men iron too strong

In order to challenge the limit, 36-year-old Li Mr. Li pulled 260 pounds of barbell in the gym. The waist "咔嚓" sounded, but he was not only backache, but the left lower limbs also had radioactive pain, numbness, and found it after hospital examination "铁" is too fiercely leads to acute lumbar discs.

Mr. Li lives in Hankou, usually more hobbies, and has always been a common guest of the gym. Last year, Mr. Li had a lot of fat, and he was 1.8 meters high, but he weightd 190 pounds. Since this year, he began to punch cards every day to the gym, and we would like to lose weight. After a period of "铁", his weight was reduced to 170 pounds. Last week, Mr. Li came to the gym to do strength training. At the beginning, I successfully pulled 200 pounds of barbell, so I want to try to challenge the hard pull 260 catties barbell. As a result, he suddenly heard the waist "咔嚓", and suddenly the waist had a pain. I thought it was good, I didn't expect it to get more serious, not only the backache is unbearable, the left lower limbs also have pain, numb symptoms. The next day, he accompanied by his family to the Orthopedic surgery of Wuhan Central Hospital.

After the nuclear magnetic resonance, he was diagnosed as an acute lumbar disc to be taken out with a siphic nerve pain, and the maximum type of lumbar disc herniation is required. Jiang Honghui, deputy chief physician, deputy director of the osteogenesis, for him to remove the medial discs under the minimally invasive single-side dual-channel endoscope, and the third day after surgery, Mr. Li could go to bed.

Zhang Weiguo, director of the cosmotherapy, introduced, acute lumbar disc herniation or extraordinary due to acute trauma, more common in competitive sports or strong labor. Mr. Li himself has no lumbar disease, and there is an acute lumbar disc tort out and the lumbar vertebrae with overload weight loss. When the hard pull barbell, the lumbar vertebrae is on the upper body and the barbell double weight. If the exercise method is incorrect, there is no adequate warming or super-load exercise, it may pull the back muscles, may even damage the lumbar vertebrae, causing spinal fractures or leads to acute lumbar discs protrude.

Experts have reminded that when you exercise, you must make progress according to your personal conditions, especially when doing strength training, don't blindly challenge the limits. Keep the correct posture in the exercise, don't exercise excess, if pain, pain is not suitable for timely treatment, don't blindly delay.

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