Do you add addiction?The truth is like this

When many patients have pain in the body, the doctor will put forward the recommendations of the closed needle, and many people think that the closed needle will bring harm to the body. There will be many side effects after playing, while worrying, there is no effect, the pain is still painful Don't you spend money? So is it used to hit it? If it is really useless, do the doctor still let the patient go to play?

How is a closed needle

"Holding the needle" is an intuitive statement of people's closure therapy. The so-called closed treatment refers to the effects of a certain proportion of mixed drugs in a certain proportion of drugs in injection of the muscle, nerve and skeletal structures to eliminate sterile inflammation, rapid analgesia, and relieve muscle spasm. Treatment drugs usually have two categories: local anesthetics and glucocorticoids. Anesthetics can relieve pain, and hormones can inhibit inflammation.

The maximum feature of the closure therapy is direct administration, and the drug can directly reach the lesion site, and the effect is strong, the efficacy is very satisfactory. Therefore, "fast" is the biggest advantage of closure therapy.

Closed needle is effective, but can not be cured

The closed needle is suitable for the muscles, ligaments, fascia, tendon sheath, synovial membranes of all parts of the whole body. Specific indications include: frozen, tennis elbow, tendoniitis, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar pillable ligament injury, astringes, third lumbar transverse syndrome, lumbar disc herniation, and various bargitis.

Although the pathogenesis of these diseases is different, there is a common feature, namely soft tissue damage and sterility inflammation, and local has obvious pain points. Patients with large-scale diffuse pains are not suitable for closure. And for safety, the closure therapy is not suitable for a long time, and a large dose is used. If there is pain for a long time, it should still be further detailed, targeted treatment.

What side effects will be brought to a closed needle?

Is it a big side effect? This problem cannot be generalized. As long as it is reasonable application, the closure therapy can solve a lot of drugs, the physiotherapy can not solve the problem. For example, the neck and shoulder leg pain, the pain symptoms can disappear by hunching the needle and some adjuvant treatments.

Of course, the drugs used in the closed needle contain a small amount of hormone component, and if the abuse will produce side effects, and some side effects are still very serious, such as may cause body shape changes, to the heart obesity, skin polymer, and can lead to decline in human resistance , The wound healing is slow, osteoporosis and other symptoms.

In addition, many patients worry about hormone dependence after the needle, which is a misunderstanding. The so-called hormone dependence is mainly referring to the symptoms of certain diseases and the symptoms of hormone treatment are completely controlled or partially alleviated, but suddenly disable hormones or rapidly reduce doses, and the condition is immediately recurred or deteriorated. However, this situation only exists in the case of long-term, large doses, repeated use of hormone therapy; while closing the treatment, a course of treatment is only 3 ~ 5 times, and each time it will be separated by 7 to 10 days, and the injection dose is very Small, there is no possibility of generating hormone dependence.

But it is not a ban on hobbing. Contraindications of closed treatment, mainly have a skin or deep tissue in a closed site, an acute tuberculosis, acute infection, and the like. It is also possible to be careful for the body's condition, the body is extremely weak. In addition, it is preferred to use hormones to be closed for ulcer disease, diabetes, infectious lesions or elderly patients. In case of adverse reactions in "closed", such as dizziness, palpitations, etc., or nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, etc., should immediately take a break, until bad symptoms disappear.

In addition, there are some precautions in closure treatment.

1. Detained head, facial treatment should be cautious, because the head, facial vascular nerve is rich and the distribution is more complicated, and the operation is not easy to have local hard knots.

2, you should choose a regular hospital to accept the closed treatment to ensure sterile operation to avoid infection.

3 To promote healing.


Closed therapy is given directly, simple and safe, fast efficacy, low price, less side effects, and patients are easy to accept. Although the closure therapy cannot be fundamentally except for the cause, it can reduce the role of symptoms and prevent complications. And the drugs used by the closed needle are hormonics, and there is no addiction in conventional use. In general, patients do not need to worry about addictive.


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