What are the 6 warm-up exercises before fitness?

There are many warm-up movements before fitness, which is worthy of reference. Effective warm-up movement avoids unnecessary harm during fitness, and must be able to properly fitness, so now people are fit in fitness. The front of the front is also valued, then what are the 6 warm-up exercises before fitness?

What are the 6 warm-up exercises before fitness?

1, jogging: This is a good warm-up exercise before fitness exercise, you can make your body better event, slowly adapt to the next movement, but the speed of running is not too fast at the beginning, jogging also To be about 500, this will only achieve better results.

2, opening and closing: It is actually in the original station, doing the upper and lower, when the arm is on the leg and the legs, it is conducive to the benefits of the bar, the opponent arm, the back and the legs, need to do for ten minutes.

3, hip kicking: After putting your hand, the human body runs slowly like running. When you run, you will play behind, pay attention to the action to be as big as possible, facilitate the calf, knees, and thighs.

4, 髂 muscle stretch: Many people have not heard, in fact, it is very simple, it is before and after, I heard that it is basically done before and after, and it is mainly the thigh muscle.

5, oblique muscle stretch: Although some people have never heard of it, it is also very simple, it is to twist the neck, the neck is very easy to hurt, so you need to exercise.

6, Breast Movement: Mainly refers to the waist and chest through the arms, it is actually very simple, and the time required for it will not be too long, just need to use it.

What are the 6 warm-up exercises before fitness? I believe that all people are very concerned, especially for those who have just participated in the fitness ranks, although I know the importance of warm-up exercise, but I don't know what is warm-up, the top 6 before health. The content of warm-up movement, has introduced above, I hope to help everyone.

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