How many chicken breasts eat in fitness day

Many people need to eat a lot of meat, then the chicken breast is a very good choice. It is recommended to choose boiled to eat. How much chicken breast is most suitable?

How many chicken breasts eat in fitness day

The intake of chicken breasts still needs to be controlled, but it is still good to choose from 100 grams of usage or good, but also meet the daily needs. Eat 75 grams of cock of chicken in a day, although the chicken breast can help reduce fat, but it should not be eaten.

Many of the chicken breasts feel that it is too big, but the chicken breast is still too old, and the appropriate seasoning is still very nice. Studies have shown that 75 gums per day are best. 75 g of meat size is equivalent to a poker, colleagues also need to match about 500 grams of fruit. The protein in the meat can be replaced by milk, beans, etc., and the B-vitamins, the human body essential fatty acid, zinc, iron and other minerals are unsubstituted, so we don't need meat, but not It takes too much meat.

Eat 200G chicken breast meat every day?

More, usually it is recommended for about 100 grams of chicken breast, which is also very good to meet basic meat needs, but don't eat much in one. Grab the pot slightly heat, put two spoons of corn oil, don't wait for the oil temperature to become too high, put it directly into the treated chicken breast, use the pot to be used as a one, then the pot (holes are also converted) , The chicken double-sided slightly color can join what you want, you can mix the salad, don't add, look at the color, don't hesitate, don't hesitate.

The heat of chicken breast is still very low, mainly in the content of fat, but the choice of chicken breast is very good. 100 grams of chicken breasts are only 5 grams of fat, one of the more nutritious foods. At the same time, it can bring strong sense of satiety to diet, which can effectively help everyone control appetite.

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