There is an oxygen exercise, an oxygen-free exercise, is the difference?Which is good?

With regard to the topic of fitness, we will often hear "aerobic exercise, aerobic movement", what is the oxygen exercise, what is called anoxic exercise? What is the difference between the two, which exercise is better, more suitable for you?

Understand aerobics and aerobic exercise

The so-called aerobic movement refers to physical exercise that the human body is carried out under sufficient conditions in oxygen supply. That is, during exercise, the oxygen inhalation of the human body is equal to the needs of the needs to achieve a physiologically equilibrium state. When the human body is movement, if the heart rate is maintained at 150 times / minute, it can be referred to as aerobic movement, as blood can supply sufficient oxygen at this time.

General aerobic exercise is characterized by low strength, strong rhythm, long-term, specific sports including jogging, cycling, swimming, etc., such moving projects help fully combust to sugar and fat, can improve cardiopulmonary function, is strong Good way to lose weight, weight loss.

An oxygen-free movement refers to the movement of the human muscle in the aerobic energy supply. The oxygen-free movement has the characteristics of high load strength, strong instantaneous, short duration, due to the speed of overplay or outstanding, therefore It is very low in the amount of oxygen. The aerobic exercise specific sports include sprints, weightlifting, 100 meters sprint, wrestling, muscle training, etc., such motions can make the body stronger, play "plasticity", but will produce too much lactic acid in the body , Causing muscle fatigue that can not last long, feel muscle soreness after exercise, breathing is urgent.

Aerobics vs oxygen exercise, which is good?

As long as moderate motion, it will have a favorable impact on the body. In life, if you want to lose weight, I recommend you to do aerobic exercise, and if it is simply desirable to grow or plastically, the oxygen exercise is recommended.

However, everyone can also combine aerobic exercise with anhydrous exercise to achieve betterness of strong health, plastic weight loss. When you exercise, you can do an oxygen exercise, then do aerobic movement. Because oxygen motion is mainly relying on the energy stored by the body to provide energy, most of the aerobic exercise is to provide energy by the body's fat decomposition, so that body fat can be consumed to provide energy.

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