Excessive exercise is harmful!How to determine if you are excessive?

Actively participate in physical exercise, proper exercise is good for health. However, although the movement is good, but if you don't pay attention to control, it is also a danger of the body. Some experts said that if the movement is excessive, it will have an adverse effect on the physical fitness, so that the body is tired, and the rest is difficult to recover. So, how do you judge whether you have excessive exercise?

How to determine if the exercise is over? What are the excessive performance of exercise?

1, heart rate change

Heart rate refers to the number of times the normal person is in the quiet state, usually 60 ~ 100 times / division, if the exercise is two days, the heart rate has always been high, maybe the body has not recovered from the last movement.

2, easy to get sick

The existence of the immune system can resist foreign bacteria, the virus invasion, so that the body is not easy to get sick, proper exercise helps to improve the body immunity, but have a study show that if excessive exercise, it may have a brief inhibitory effect on the immune system. Let the immunity are temporarily in the "failure" state.

3, poor sleep quality

Many people will insomnia in the evening, can't sleep at night, and sleep quality is not good. This is mainly because of the process of strenuous exercise, the human body releases more adrenaline and other hormones, these hormones can be The body is in a state of steadyness, it is easy to fall asleep.

4, sports fatigue

After excessive movement, the human body will produce sports fatigue phenomena, and the fatigue is generally divided into muscle fatigue, internal organs, nerve fatigue, specifically show muscle stiffness, muscle swelling, muscle pain, slow motion, uncoordinated, slow response, judgment error, attention Not concentrated, breathing is shallow, and the heartbeat is accelerated.

In summary, excessive exercise will have a variety of adverse effects to people. In order to achieve a good exercise effect, we must pay attention to moderately, we should reasonably arrange exercise, and ensure adequate recovery time when exercise. If it is starting Sports people, every exercise is best to rest for 1-2 days.

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