The Russian ice hocker was killed in the ball!International Ice Federation: Professional athletes under 20 years old must bring full face mask

On March 12th, an accident occurred in the semi-final semi-finals in the Russian Juvenile Ice Hockey League. After a athlete swing, hit the ball in the head of the other party, and the injured player was painful, then lost awareness. The player was sent to the local hospital for rescue, and eventually died because of the injuries. According to this born, this teenager served as the team captain and successfully brought the team to hit the semi-final.

It is understood that the 19-year-old teen called Near 200 games for St. Petersburg Dynonym. The official account of the Russian Ice Hockey League (KHL) is known.

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From the game video, this 19-year-old teenager wore the helmet to cover the eye part, which is the biggest reason that happened.

We all know that there is more acute damage in ice hockey damage, of which the head neck is the highest. The modern ice hockey helmet combines the semi-rigid housing and the internal protective foam pad, which can disperse the impact generated and maximize the head injury of the athlete.

Ice hockey helmet protective mask currently has two types:

One is a full face mask;

One is a half-face mask (only blocking the eye).

According to the International Ice Union: professional athletes under 20 years old must bring a full face mask!

There is a statistical representation: The damage ratio of young men athletes in the International Ice Hockey Alliance is about 10.4 cases / 1000h, far below adult male athletes (15 cases / 1000h), full face mask can effectively block ice hockey or racket blade against the face of facial part, Great to the face damage rate of youth athletes.

Facial injuries are not only caused by equipment factors!

Studies have found that when using a half-face mask, the surface of the mandibular and eyebrow skin caused by the body collision is most frequently, and the whole face mask can protect the entire face in the collision. Not only that, but the use of the full face mask also helps to reduce the degree of injury of the athlete's brain shock.

The study also found that the full face mask has a certain impact on the field of view of the athletes, which will increase the risk of mild brain shock when the sports collision, but the face mask to reduce the damage ratio of the moderate brains, especially in the face of the athlete Severe positive collision plays a buffer.

The use of a full face mask can reduce the face tear and severe brain oscillating rats, and the future should be fully popular in the adolescent competition and adult amateur competition.

Perhaps the 19-year-old teenager does not want to affect his hibern face mask in the field of view, this is also for the game.

However, any game should be safe, I hope all the friends who like to play ice hockey, especially the 20-year-old professional athletes and teens, when playing the ice, must wear a full face mask as required, your life is only Will go more exciting.


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