Chen Yihan runs 210 kilometers, what are the performance of excessive exercise?

Have birth to a child, how many new mothers will choose? Many women will choose to make a moon, but some people have running a long run. On the 14th, Xinjin Mom Chen Yihan cooperated with team members to relay, spent 22 hours, running 210 kilometers. The whole process spent 22 hours, from the day to morning, although the team's cooperation has been running, but the intensity of the game is still not small.

Netizens have commented: "This perseverance is really hard!" "After giving birth to a child, I race the marathon, too bull." Xiaobian also admired, most people run 5,000 meters, I have a breath. " In fact, if it is not a step-by-step training, it is not recommended that everyone will run the marathon at the beginning, even if the simple marathon is also paying more attention.

Excessive exercise is not as good as not exercise, excessive exercise may cause neurological function, reaction ability, decrease in balance, and the decrease in skeletal muscle function, even induced myocardial ischemia. Since excessive exercise is not good for your body, what performance is excessive exercise, let us take a look.

What is the performance of excessive exercise?


The right amount of exercise can reduce the emotions of the athletes and anxiety, but the excessive sports will exacerbate depression, and emotions are repeated. If the exercise, I feel that my body is tired, it is recommended to reduce the amount of exercise.

feel sick and vomit

Nausea symptoms after exercise may be caused by excessive movement of the body.

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