Enjoy the ice and snow sports to help Winter Olympics

With the approach of Beijing Winter Olympics, Hohhot City has attracted more people to participate in and experience ice and snow sports through the construction of ice and snow sportswell museums, and experience the fun of ice and snow movements.

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On the East River Snowfield, "China Sports Sports Color Cup" loves ice and snow, the same cheers 2022 Hohhot winter ice and snow fun sports will be in full swing. On the same day, the East River Snowfield was the largest public welfare natural ice and snow site in this winter. It is fully open to the public, and the funny curling, ice boat, speed skating, snow fight, snow, ice hockey, etc. And more than 30 kinds of ice and snow experience fun activities such as all kinds of fun gains. The venue also sets the "Ice and Snow into Campus Training Experience Zone" specially facing primary and secondary school students. Since this year, Hohhot has vigorously promoted the popularity of the masses of ice and snow, helping "healthy China", promoting the goal of "300 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement", and build a slice of ski, holiday, professional events, research and other matters. The mountain ice and snow leisure project; promoting the construction of the Hohhot Sports Center, realizing multi-project transformation of basketball, volleyball, badminton and short track speed, ice hockey, expanding the services of the whole people to participate in winter fitness; at the same time , The air, the park, the water system has built a multi-set public welfare skating, entertainment function, so that the general public will enter the ice and snow, enjoy the ice and snow.

With the increasingly near 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Hohhot promotes the popular ice and snow movement through the form of ice and snow activities, so that more people go into ice and snow, integrate the ice and snow, feel the charm of ice and snow, and promote the level of ice and snow in our city. Help Winter Olympics.

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