Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier City campus ice and snow sports is in full swing

Xinhua News Agency Hohhot On January 2 (Reporter Zhao Zehui) Holds the 8th Orozi Bing and Snow "Isa Ren", Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Eroatty Autonomous Flag launched the ice and snow research activities, organized ice speed slippery, snow football and other sports events. Other places in Hulunbeier, campus ice and snow movement are also in full swing.

Before the New Year's holiday, in the Oroqen Autonomous Flag Campus, cold weather and cumbersome cotton clothes can not participate in the enthusiasm of the ice and snow. Everyone is listening carefully, mastering basic movements, and experience the fun of ice and snow movement. Wang Yanming, Sport Teacher, Sports Teacher, said: "Although we can skate in minus 30 to 40 degrees Celsibus, our children can stick to it. See so many students who are willing to participate in ice and snow, I am with them, I am happy."

Ding Li, the president of the Ali River National Special Education School, the school, opened the Ice and Snow Research Classroom, linking the students and parents to participate in the ice and snow movement, and specializes in the winter disabled, winter disabled and winter Special Olympics sports project.

In Zalan City Kindergarten, the four-five-year-old children have a snowman, pulling the sledge, skiing, and fully experience the charm of ice and snow movement; the first middle school of Xishikeshi Forest has held fun ice and snow, teachers and students together in the ice and snow world In the competition, compare, share the fun of ice and snow; in the fifth middle school in Hailar District, students often skate, skiing and other ice and snow activities ...

In recent years, Hulunbeier has vigorously carrying out the ice and snow movement into campus activities, and the winter sports of primary and secondary schools as the focus of sports work, and the winter sports in primary and secondary schools have developed rapidly. According to statistics, Hulunbeier has held more than 60 ice and snow events each year, and the participation rate of primary and secondary school students exceeds 50%.

Hulunbeier City is long, and the snow is wide and has a rich ice and snow resources. In addition, Hulunbeier's ice and snow movement has been in history, and more than 150 excellent athletes and many excellent trainers have been delivered to the country, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and districts. In 2021, the Hulunbeier College was approved by the "Ice Snow Movement" undergraduate major, and it was the only university in Inner Mongolia opened "Ice Snow Movement". (Finish)

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