Do not exercise sports retro street car (Kaidon 150G1)

As the Kaidian brand under the Shengshi, Guangdong Daye Motorcycle Co., Ltd., its market is positioned in small displacement, rich in price - priced motorcycles. And its father will go to the high-end route.

Guangdong Daye Motorcycle Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, and also a Sino-foreign joint venture. The company has strong funds, all-in-law and design of the company. The main characteristics of the Lifting, the pro-children of the litter, the King Dune is naturally unable to fall .

Configuration Kaiduan 150G1 standards the original head bar, original hand guard, front and rear disc brakes, gold inverted fork, LED lens headlight, aluminum alloy, sliding clutch, LED instrument, and standard ABS, vacuum Spoke turtle back tire (highly distributed version), tires are the front 110 130 new real turtle back tire, hand put button with backlight is its intimate small details, energy saving and sports two kinds of riding mode, the most incense is 20 The super-large tank of the liter, the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 2.6 liters, and it can be said that a box of oil is easy to break through 700 kilometers, this battery life can even flew 150 wrench wristbands with the construction of Yamaha.

The riding triangle is even more upright, 820 mm is 820 mm, and the comfort is better than many travel cars. Therefore, it is more than enough to use Mobility to run long distance.

It is equipped with a 149.8cc single-cylinder water-cooled engine, the maximum power is 13 kW, the maximum horsepower 17.5, the 100 km accelerates about 16 seconds. The table has a significant speed of 130 kilometers per hour, and GPS is 12 km per hour, and the quality is 138 kg.

It can be said to be a domestic boss in the workmanship and the materials, and even the materials are more embarrassed.

Disadvantages: This single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve engine operates to be relatively rough, the center of concentration is too high, not suitable for riding, not flexible enough. According to the owner, the vehicle is frequently influent, idle is unstable, but as long as it is love, everything is not a problem!

According to reliable news, the promotion has been developing a three-tun engine, and it is hoped that the domestic is getting better and better!

Sold price, low match (aluminum wheel version) 13800, high equipped (steel wire spoke wheel) 15800

This price, this price, can say that the cost is exceptionally high.

Such an appearance, such a configuration, this price, is it your dish? Let me a message!

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