Sports skipping rope is also intelligent, Hyde clouds make sports more energetic

Life is in sports, now busy people always ignore their physical state in daily learning, and appropriate exercise can bring you a happy mood, and you can have a better state in your study work after exercise. Skipping this sport, which is relatively simple for a general office or family, and does not require too complicated equipment.

Head Hyde Cloud is a professional smart skipping, which is beautifully designed, can move indoors in outdoor sports. It has two color matching, blue and pink, suitable for use in different age men and women.

The built-in battery design allows users to save the cost of purchasing batteries in later periods, and the use of efficient Type-C interface is convenient and fast. The skipping knocked rope is designed to be round, and there is no difference in the use of ordinary skipping.

The switch and charging port are designed as the side, and the dust plug is designed, and the charging is convenient, but the button is used. Hyde cloud intelligent skipping, providing a set of outdoor long rope and a set of short ropes, users can choose to use according to the situation.

The accompanying storage bag, the texture is good, and it is convenient to carry the skipping rope. The display on the skipping rope, although there is not much display, but in order to read, the manufacturer designs a backlight with heart. Not only can you see several skipping patterns, but also to see information such as jump rope, countdown time, and battery power.

High-speed bearing, you can quickly turn quickly with the skipping master, and you can achieve an amazing 200 times a minute. And the built-in vibration reminder function will have a reminder to reach the preset goal, and you can know the completion of the screen.

And there is no need to install the app, you can skip the rope to the Bluetooth, realize the number, rankings, challenges and other new games, and motivate users to continue to use Hyde cloud smart skipping. Interest may not stick to sports, so this applet has joined rankings and challenges to motivate players to continue to skip rope exercise.

During the skipping process, you can also see the counter within the small program and the counter within the skipping counter, you can say that you can do it very much. And the difficulty of challenges is also slowly increasing, and the user has enabled the user into the state.

Generally in the indoor jumping rope, you can play very happy, don't worry about the ball on the rope. Let your hard core movement, you can see the results of sports after a while. Skip rope can not only exercise agility, but also effectively combustible fat, exercise muscles, leg muscles. Decore the effect of strong body!

Advantages: Aesthetic smart jump rope, you can use outdoor fitness or indoors. Using WeChat applets can connect to skipping to implement data synchronization, rankings, challenges, counting, etc., motivate users to continue to use skip rope to fitness. Type-C charge port is convenient and fast.

Disadvantages: This color is not too dirty, long-term outdoor use has been black and beautiful.

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