Sports Coupe Leaders Third Generation March 6PRO

On August 12th, the new third-generation MG6 brought 5 models officially listed, the official guidance price is 103,800-139,800 yuan, the purchase can enjoy 6,000 yuan in cash red envelope, the preferential high energy is 9.78 million -13.38 10,000 yuan. At the same time, MG also sent a young crowned gift: the top 16,000 users can get lifelong warranty and 2 years of discounts, more enjoyment of 0 down payment, September supply, 0 interest rate financial policy, and lifetime VIP customer service, free foundation Traffic and other rights.

The new third-generation MG6 listing is 97,800 yuan

Since the introduction, the MG6 car system continues to lead the sports coupe. As a new generation of sports, the third generation MG6 Pro has sports aesthetics Pro, sports performance pro, technology performance pro, sports quality PRO, with 16 sports high energy buff, official production real 100-kilometer accelerated 7.83 seconds and other products, comprehensive Meet young people's strong motivation, ultra high color, intelligent technology, etc. of sports coupe. The new third-generation MG6 launched this time has both constant pursuit of product expressions, and also pursues users with higher value, will bring more personal and richer sports coupe for consumers.

Leading the tide of generation, MG6 car system continues to lead the sports coupe

Since the first generation of models, the new category is created in the field, and since the field, the MG6 car system has always been in persistence, constantly pursuing, continuous iteration development, and successively introduced the second The model car model, the third-generation model of the science and technology lead, and the MG6 XPower TCR racing cargo to renew the legend of the track to meet the MG6 XPower official original modified model of consumers modified demand, and constantly enrich the vehicle model matrix of sports sedges. Continue to lead the market. It is because of the MG6, the sports seda segment has also attracted the addition of more and more sports models to promote the development of this market.

The third generation MG6 Pro

Thanks to the inheritance of the MG Centennial Genetic and Sports Spirit, and the response to the changing culture, the third generation MG6 PRO to pursue uncompromising attitudes to achieve sports style. During the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Chinese skateboarder Pan Jiajie, the rowing athlete Huang Wenyi, equestrian Athletes Xu Wei, together with the third generation MG6 PRO, convey the spiritual spirit; the third generation MG6 Pro as an opening of the MG team alone together, Pay tribute to the hero of the hero, highlight the spirit of the uncompromising; the third generation MG6 PRO is more competing with strength IDOL Dong Yilin, and interprets the core value of MG brand "technology inward, trend outward".

Pursuit, with aesthetics, performance, technology, quality 4 PRO to establish sports car run benchmark

The third generation MG6 PRO set sports aesthetics PRO, sports performance PRO, technology performance PRO

Sports aesthetics, the third generation MG6 PRO is designed with the ultra-wide sports coupe designed to subvert the sensory. The new car provides bubble orange, distress, obsmelone, pearl white and red flame red five body colors. The super-run face of the radical dive, revealing the dynamic beauty; the machine blade cover with the divided bombed light stream, highlighting the strength of the temperament; the back of the slope is to achieve a wide range of space and smooth shape. Dual goals. Not only that, but the darkness of the wind, the race-level double outlet, the g-force2.0 air power kit, which brings a windward experience.

The third generation MG6 Pro

In terms of exercise performance, the third generation MG6 PRO adopts upper steam "double top ten" gold motivation, equipped with "China Heart" Top Ten Engine Mega Tech 1.5T High Power Engine, Match World Top Ten Transmission New Generation Mega Tech 7 Speed ​​Wet DCT, Max Power 181 horsepower, peak torque 285 cattle meter, realize official production car field real test 100 kilometers accelerated 7.83 seconds, crowned at speed. At the same time, after the core tuning technology is new, the new car can achieve a speed of 2 times faster with the speed, and the peak peak torque is 20%. The third generation MG6 PRO is also equipped with SuperSport Super Motion Model, opening a momentary call; XDS curve dynamic control system and EPS-PRO electric power steering system blessing, further enhancement of hand-control.

The third generation MG6 Pro

In scientific and technological performance, MG Pilot 2.0 on the third generation MG6 Pro can realize L2.5 PLUS-level smart driving assistance, with TJA traffic congestion auxiliary system, ACC full-speed segment self-adaptation cruise system, 360 ° panoramic image system and other 13 items Smart black technology, bringing smart full guard for drivers. The new car is also equipped with the Internet car Venus intelligent system, and the force is increased by 1.9 times, and the wisdom is re-advanced. MG exclusive AI voice assistant, only need to wake up once, you can have 90 seconds continuous conversational skills; Ali Ecological services are all access, can check the flight to find discounts; support smart album interconnection, you can remotely control in the car .

The third generation MG6 Pro is equipped with Internet car Venus intelligent system

The third generation MG6 PRO is also done in the pursuit of sports quality.The racing cockpit is equipped with BOSE immersive audio, with the theater-level auditory feast, let users enjoy quality.Racing level sports seat, different color high-performance seat belt, super-race Alcantara steering wheel, with can be swangled sports car exhaust waves, roaring instantly allows passion over the cabin.In addition, minimalistic central control, with 12.3-inch interactive full virtual instruments and 10.1-inch HD touch interconnected large screen, further enhance the scientific and technological fields of the third generation MG6 PRO.The third generation MG6 Pro

The third generation MG6 PRO is based on the performance of Aesthetics, performance, science and technology, and quality.With the launch of the third generation MG6 PRO, the MG6 car will continue to lead the sports coupe in order to continue to bring users more product experience.

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