Kinesiology motion

The course of motion engineers, common training, including sports physiology, ergonomics, sports science, health psychology, human anatomy, massive injury and recovery, physiology, spiritual substance, personal behavior, social psychology, physical quality theme activities Specific content such as exercise.

Motor can learn development prospects

Very high employment and salary, let a large number of students and parents care about this technical professional, what is the orientation of this technology professional after graduation?

Today, today, today, "sports fitness" has become a daily theme event that is widely participated in each age group, and parents want to let the little babies gradually feel the scientific exercise from the childhood. . The young people also want to invest in their physical and mental health projects, walk into the fitness club, participate in a variety of sports courses, while matching each other, with the diet of nutrients, and purposeability improve their human body, maintain health. Living conditions. Exercise will not be a simple "measurement, sweating", and become a "core idea, mentality and habits".

Kinesiology Institute of Technology, graduate, graduated from the University of Technology, in the future, will work in the field of physical and mental health, sports, fitness, sports culture. For example, at the sports club team, young children's sports early education institutions, ball sports clubs, health centers and other student employment venors, gym coach, sports teachers, sports practice coaches, personal sports assistants, health consultants, Senior nutritionists, physiotherapists, etc. are all very very good to choose! If you want to start a business, create a personal fitness studio is also a very good choice for the high income!

According to the PayScale website, the annual salary of body sports scholars from C $ 27,961-C $ 53,637, average annual income C $ 36,000. The income and work experience have a proportion of proportion, and the number of people who have just started only C $ 12.90, and those who have enough work experience can reach C $ 25.08, but in this field, there are few people who need more than ten years.

If after graduating from the University undergraduate, it can lower the floor, read the physics rehabilitation training professional courses, and the future can be physiotherapist. The post growth rate in 2012-2022 reached 36%, and the medium-level annual income in 2012 was US $ 79,860. (Data Source: Australian Evening News)

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