What is the difference between aerobic exercise and anoxa?

The difference between aerobic exercise and aerobic exercise

1. Different energy metabolic systems

The aerobic movement belongs to aerobic metabolism, an aerobic movement belongs to an oxygen metabolism.

2, different energy demand

The energy required for aerobic movement is mainly provided by oxidation of starch, fat and protein in vivo. Most muscle groups are involved in this movement.

The energy required for anoxic movement is mainly by decomposing blood sugar, and oxygen is not required during energy supply.

3, different maximum heart rate

The heart rate of aerobic movement remains at 60% to 80% of the maximum heart rate.

At an oxygen-free exercise, the heart rate is generally above 170-180 times / min.

Extended information:

First of all, the weight loss is too fast, and it is often impact on the body. Generally speaking, normal people lose weight by about 5 pounds per month is normal, and if it exceeds this range, it will affect health. And this netizen's weight loss has been thinned in a month, it is obviously unhealthy.

In sports, the netizen's exercise is too large. In general, normal weight loss can only maintain aerobic exercise for 60-90 minutes, which includes the front warm-up and final relaxation time.

Movement for two or three hours, obviously too large, and excessive exercise will affect your health. For diet, there is no need to pursue excess aerobic exercise, more importantly, to maintain long-term sports habits. It is necessary to exercise 5-6 times a week, and it is necessary to give your body a day.

Generally, it is recommended to eat some carbohydrates before exercise, such as biscuits, bread, etc., avoid empty stomach; timely replenish moisture, you can drink some sports drinks; replenish proteins after exercise, can choose eggs, weight loss, we must only eat Egg clear, eat two each time you can supplement the protein required for the human body.

Therefore, there are two recommendations for this netizen to lose weight.

The first is the suggestion of the diet. Weight loss does not mean not eat, the opposite, pay more attention to the balance of nutrition. As this netizen does not eat staple food, only snacks, and omitting the practice of dinner, will cause malnutrition in the body, seriously affect health, and damage health in order to lose weight, it is obviously not worthless.

Dietters must be less than three meals a day, and even three meals a day. Keep timing quantification, less eating more meals is the most important; pay attention to less oil, properly reduce, try not to eat fat, eat more vegetables and fruit.

Second, in sports, the netizen's sports plan is a single one. Although a single high-intensity aerobic movement can play a weight loss, it is not conducive to the improvement of the overall health level, and human physiques include many aspects, and each movement is each weight.

When exercising, it can be mainly movable, and other movements are supplemented. The general weight loss stage should be mainly based on aerobic movement. In the late weight loss stage, it is necessary to reduce the amount of aerobic exercise, appropriately increase some strength exercises, promote metabolism in the body, and will also make the body shape more coordinated, more nice

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