[Ice Snow Movement] Experience the ice and snow charm feeling happy

Ignite the people's ice and snow

Promote the popularization of ice and snow

On November 28th, Yixian "Ice and Snow Caravan" theme event was held in Jingqi Park, with a total of more than 100 people participated in the event.

At the event, the staff passed the setup of the Winter Olympic competition project knowledge exhibition, and the public will introduce the origin and development of the ice and snow. The 7 major competition projects set by Beijing Winter Olympics, let the public understand the ice and snow, pay attention to the ice and snow, participate in the ice and snow.

The land curling, the ice ball two ice and snow sports experience project, the atmosphere is warm, attracting many citizens to come to personal experience, the children of the sixty-year-old, to the 70-year-old man, to compete for this movement.

10-year-old Zhao Boyu is the first time to experience the curling project. He and the partners have eager to try, under the guidance of the coach, finally mastered the ball skills. "I used to have seen it on TV. Today, I experienced it, I was very interesting.

It is understood that the event is based on the "ice and snow caravan" as a carrier, through the "ice and snow caravan" theme activities into the park, truly realize the ice and snow movement to the masses "home", so that the masses can participate, share Ice and snow movement, further stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in the ice and snow movement, create a strong atmosphere of "everyone to participate in winter Olympics, everyone to help Winter Olympics".

According to the relevant person in charge of the County Education Bureau, in order to promote and popularize the ice and snow movement, the bureau will also promote the ice and snow movement to the community, schools, shopping malls, let more people experience the ice and snow movement, feel the fitness movement benefit.

Reporter: Miao Xi Chen

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