Rock climbing walks into the campus

Caught is struggling to force the goal. High-altitude rock climbing must do safety protection. Coach tells the campers to tell the basic movements of rock climbing. Rock climbing has strong skill. The campers are eager to try.

Photo reporter Li Bo correspondent Chen Qianpei

Hosted by the Provincial Sports Bureau, the Provincial Department of Education, the Municipal Guangguang Trade Bureau, the Municipal Education Bureau, for the support unit, Zhanjiang City Shaolin Wushu School Youth Sports Club, 2021 Guangdong Provincial Youth Sports Winter Seminar Camp (Weekend Camp) Campus Campus Recently, in the Zhanjiang Shaolin School Stadium, 100 battals signed up for this event. According to the organizers, this event provides a platform for communication learning for the majority of rock climbers. Campers can learn more about rock climbing theory, and continuously improve the rock climbing level through the guidance of professional coaches. This winter and summer rock climbing project is divided into two phases of training and competition, lasted for 3 days. The training includes rock climbing theory knowledge, rock climbing equipment, equipment learning and application, difficulty and speed project technology learning.

In recent years, rock climbing moves have received more and more young people. The development of rock climbing winter and summer makes the adolescents can master a favorite sports skills, develop the habit of participating in sports, and cultivate more excellent rock climbers.

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