I am exercising, I am happy.

Xiang'an District Old Sports Association holds sports counselor training.

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Morning News reporter Jin Jun

Correspondent Ye Pei Lin Huizhu

In order to continuously enrich the cultural and sports life of the grassroots, satisfying the fitness needs of middle-aged and elderly people, seeking, seeking, and music, "recently, Xiang'an District Old Sports held the 2021 Xiang'an District Sports Association Counselor Series in Xiang'an Stadium Trained fitness ball project training, 60 bones from 9 streets (town) participated.

Since December, the counsels of the Sports Association of Xiang'an District (Town) Elderly Sports Association is also held in the Xiang'an District Sports Association.

Fitness ball is popular among the elderly

Fitness ball is an emerging, interesting, special sports fitness. This movement is gradually promoted to the society due to the significant role of the fitness ball in improving the muscle function. Today, fitness balls are not only a physiotherapy method, but also become an emerging sports fitness, which is welcomed by the elderly.

At the training site, accompanied by a healthy and vibrant music rhythm, the tutor adopts the teaching method of quick slow combination, and demonstrates the action. The students carefully triggered the teacher, repeatedly practiced, and tried to master the essentials of each action.

The reporter learned that after a strict site test, the organizer sent the students three social sports instructor certificates. They will drive more elderly people to participate in fitness exercises, improve the health level of the elderly, form "my fitness, my exercise, my happy" atmosphere.

Walking sticks into Xiang'an Featured Business Card

Today, the cane operation has become a special business card for Xiang'an Sports, and participates in the national, provincial and municipal competitions many times. Recently, the Xiang'an District of China held a series of training cane training in the Xiang'an Stadium Multi-function Hall, and once again improved the fitness level of the elderly.

In exercise projects, there are not many projects suitable for the elderly to collectively exercise. Different from previous projects, cane is more flexible but not intense, which is very suitable for elderly. With the light music, both movement and fashion, moderate exercise ... Since the introduction of the project, it has been loved by the majority of old age.

In the backbone of participating in the training, the earliest study of this project is Mr. Hua. At the same time, it also has a certain effect on the control weight. "

A exchange report event next year

All along, Xiang'an District Old Sports Association attaches great importance to the sports cause of the elderly, organized the training of sports backbone training in the entire district, which is one of its main work this year. The students have said that they must take this three training as an opportunity to learn and understand their participation and spread, and the training will further extend to the grassroots level, and go deep into the towns (streets), villages (residential), benefits. More senior people's sports association members, let the grassroots homework truly enjoy the nourishment of sports and fitness, so that the sports projects of the Community Old Sports Association will be more colorful.

There is also a test. At the end of the training, these backbone will continue to lead their respective players, participate in the exchange of exchanges in January next year, to drive more elderly people to participate in fitness exercises, build a happy older people.

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