Bone conduction sports headphones list, bone passing Bluetooth headset recommended

Most sports friends will have a habit of wearing headphones. Because they listen to music because they exercise, they will add a bit of power; but in fact, the traditional sports headphones have been wearing time for a long time, and it is easy to make the ear uncomfortable, and outdoors When exercising, if you can't hear an external environment sound, it is easy to cause safety hazards. Therefore, there are many advantages of safety, health, etc., have become more favored products in most sports enthusiasts.

First, South Car Runner Pro3 bone conduction sports headphones

The advantage of bone conduction is that the jar is open when enjoying music. This can be more sensitive to perceive the surroundings when outdoors will be safer.

South Card Runner Pro3 is throughout the wearing angle and the bending, the 97 engineers of the South Card have been analyzed and innovative through 197 days and nights, which combines 8,000 Asian ear databases collected in the past. The ears of the Chinese people have created a more seated headphones.

Function Continuing the PRO series uncommon NFC function and body memory function, Bluetooth version This upgrade is for Bluetooth 5.2, the product experience has also ushered in new upgrade optimization, the Bluetooth connection is more stable, reduced 87% Bluetooth The line condition occurs; the sound delay is lower, lowered by 83% of the sound delay; the battery life is longer, increased by 67% of the battery life; the product stability, the classes, etc. also has a certain degree of improvement.

Second, Philips bone pass headphones A8606

Philips seems to be a TWS true wireless headset, but in fact, through bone passing, it is very different from the traditional neck-type bone-tongue earphones. The charging box is designed with a leather bag, and it is like a purse in his hand and a good texture. The zipper design is used, and the inside of the charging box is just caught in two headphones. The earphones still retains the Philips unique night running light function, and this headset is a bit slightly large, it looks a bit like an old hearing aid. The sound is large, because this wear can be closer to the ear.

Third, the priest AS660 bone conduction sports headphones

The mid-range bone conduction is still later than the flagship. This excitement AS660 pays more details in the product design, and 29 grams of body weight and excellent color matching are both large. At the same time, there is also an IP55 protection grade, anti-sweat and rain, splash, and outdoor sports headphones. Although the level of protection is not as good as the own flagship, it is more thick and wearing this headset, wearing a more stable. The cost performance is also good, the leakage is slightly significantly, but does not hinder normal use.

Fourth, Nank South Card Runner CC2

NANK South Blond Bone Transportation Getting Started Level, although it is the main price ratio but still uses the magnetic charging and OT leak-proof technology of flagship models in the configuration. This headset uses a large size bone conduction unit, with his own tuning, three-frequency balance gives people a feeling of penetrating space, there is a feeling of this earphone also supports HD call noise reduction function . Ultra-light wear experience, the entire body is only 28g weight, which is much better than the traditional Bluetooth headset and the series of products previously launched. It's very stable when running, can't get it.

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