Helping Dongbo Airlines Laiwu Second Experimental Primary School to carry out sports activities

New Yellow River reporter: Gao Min

In order to welcome the arrival of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Recently, Laiwu Second Experimental Primary School Happy Spring Squadron launched a series of "small hands and big hands and fitness" activities, such as parent-child sports, running, kick, skipping, tug-of-war and other projects.

The activities are rich and varied, and the players are warm and horing, and they are actively involved, and they will welcome the arrival of the Winter Olympics in their own way.The classmates are enthusiastic in jogging, stretching in the skipping rope, release physical strength in the tug-of-war, condense, united, civilized competitive.Although sweat, exhausted, never lax, the face is full of happiness, and create a good atmosphere of health, exercise will.

Editor: Guo Mengtong School: Yang Du

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