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December 24 to 25, sponsored by the Chinese Society of microcirculation, Zhongda Hospital, Southeast University hosted "The Second diabetes, exercise rehabilitation and behavior modification Summit" held in Nanjing. The theme of the conference is "Diabetes exercise rehabilitation from research to application." At 8:00 on the 25th, the opening ceremony was held.


Professor Wu Gang, Southeast University Party Committee, Vice President Speech

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhongshan University professor hospital director Teng Gao Jun speech online



Chinese Microcirculation Society president, Zhongda Hospital, Southeast University professor of speech REMEDIES

Director of the Diabetes Research Institute, Southeast University, chairman of the Chinese Society of Diabetes and microcirculation microcirculation Professional Committee, presided over the University Hospital Professor McLennan


the opening ceremony

After the opening ceremony, the General Assembly held in Nanjing Institute of Health Science and Technology Kang Xi sports ceremony. Opening ceremony was chaired by Associate Professor Department of Physical Education, Southeast University, Jiang Weixin, witnessed by representatives of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Li Peng of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute Professor Zhang Jianyun, Party committee, Southeast University, Vice President Wu Gang Professor, Jiangsu Province Sports Bureau member, deputy director Xiong Wei, China microcirculation Society president Professor REMEDIES diabetes learn Institute, Southeast University, China Institute of diabetes microcirculation and chairman of the professional Committee of microcirculation, Southeast University Affiliated Zhongda McLennan, MD, Professor of Endocrinology, hospital director jointly inaugurated.

Published expert consensus

Forum, body health integration diabetes expert consensus motion to intervene officially released. Professor McLennan, Professor REMEDIES sports health science professor Zhao Yan, vice president of Nanjing Institute of Physical Education, Shanghai University of Sport and Physical Education and Training Institute Professor Yuan Peng, CEO Chen Jinping health and wide music press came together fingerprints, jointly issued the "body fusion diabetes doctors Exercise intervention expert consensus. "

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Exercise can also relieve it of diabetes

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Zhongda Hospital, Southeast University, exercise can relieve diabetes? Experts say the number of such ...... video

Diabetes exercise rehabilitation

Movement three months

Diabetic patients with complete withdrawal

Recently, 53-year-old diabetic Ms. Lee (a pseudonym) issued by the doctor "exercise prescription" and continuing training, harvested his unexpected surprise. In Zhongda Hospital, Southeast University, under the guidance of doctors fusion movement diabetes management a new model of Internet-based body motion Lee 3 months, completely stop taking hypoglycemic drugs. It is understood that Lee detect diabetes in the medical unit, it has been followed by oral hypoglycemic drugs.

5 months ago, Ms. Lee found that home monitoring of blood glucose, poor hypoglycemic drugs take effect, so to Zhongda Hospital, Southeast University, Department of Endocrinology clinic. Professor of Endocrinology, University Hospital Chief Physician McLennan understand the situation of patients, improve the relevant check and adjust their treatment plan. Not only adjust medication after admission, he has also developed a personalized exercise prescription, nutrition prescription for Ms. Lee. Han Qing, sports therapists and sports experts Southeast University Physical Education Department to provide "private custom" Athletic Director at University Hospital diabetes self-management school sports rehabilitation centers, hospital Endocrinology also regularly carry out individualized diabetes education, nutrition, diet kitchen "small classroom "Wait.

Before discharge, the doctor also based on the current situation Lee, formulary implementation of recommendations and guidance late movement, and provide line management and enhanced online self-management. Kang Xi monitored by motion movement App, real-time data upload, by moving the end of the exercise program and understand their knowledge of sports data, data can be pushed to choose a doctor, the doctor can view the management background, adjust the plan. After three months of exercise, glycated hemoglobin Lee from 9% down to 5.3%, from sooner or later have to be prescribed oral hypoglycemic drugs completely discontinued. Currently, Ms. Lee also developed a love of exercise habits, every day still adhere to exercise, regular monitoring of blood glucose.

Reasonable exercise can hypoglycemic

These people should pay attention to

Once suffering from diabetes, many patients first thought is to take medicine, but I do not know the seemingly simple exercise also have a therapeutic effect. Reasonable exercise can not only reduce short-term and long-term blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes, reduce blood sugar fluctuations, enhance insulin receptor sensitivity, improve insulin resistance, can prevent or delay complications and improve quality of life for patients with diabetes, happiness. Therefore, the movement is an integral part of the integrated management of diabetes means diabetes management is the most desirable method.

However, not all diabetes patients can move, but also pay attention to motion-related contraindications, such as diabetic ketoacidosis, fasting blood sugar is greater than 16.7 mmol per liter, repeated hypoglycemia or blood sugar fluctuations, proliferative retinal Patients with disease, nephropathy, severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, and acute infection. In addition, it is necessary to be vigilant, such as motion damage, diabetes-related complications, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events, accidental injuries, etc. Internet + Physical Doctor

Become a new model of diabetes exercise management

Professor Sun Zilin pointed out that the context of the integration of physical medicine, interdisciplinary exchanges will be a new opportunity for the treatment of diabetic exercise treatment. Southeast University Sports Department, Computer Academy Internet + Expert, Economic Academy Operation Team joins the diabetes multidisciplinary management team, formulates and supervises the implementation of exercise treatment plan according to the needs of the doctor, can strengthen doctors (diabetes doctors, rehabilitation doctors, dieties) , Teamwork between specialist nurse, sports rehabilitation division, better guiding patients to exercise, and give full play to the role of exercise treatment in diabetes management.

China University Hospital adopts the new model of Internet-based physical doctor integration diabetes exercise management, realizing sports medicine integration, external construction, online lines.

Sports Medical Integration is the use of medical thinking and knowledge system to summarize common sports methods, which make it more targeted, practical and scientific;

Innerization of the inner hospital, realizing the human body body status during hospitalization during hospitalization, formulating sports prescription, after discharge, doctors can promptly reach remote guidance through the Internet, timely adjust the treatment plan;

The online line of the line can combine the online strengthening management and online self-management, Nanjing Kang Hao Institute can provide online guidance, online intelligent ports such as Kang Yun sports APP, etc., can be targeted according to the test results Personal sports plan, and provide guidance of sports program, doctors can view, adjust the plan in the management background.

Improve grassroots slow disease management level

Promoting the construction of diabetes exercise rehabilitation alliance

It is reported that since the establishment of the Physical Integration Diabetes Sports Rehabilitation Alliance in 2019, the alliance unit has reached 73, covering Jiangsu, Anhui, Beijing, Tianjin, Hunan, Hubei, Yunnan, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Henan, Xinjiang and other more than 20 provinces and municipalities. . The alliance aims to provide physical and rehabilitation of diabetic exercise rehabilitation training in the alliance, cultivate sports rehabilitation management talents; provide scientific research and cooperation platforms, technical support to achieve resource sharing; support alliance units to build an intermediate-integrated slow disease management platform in the hospital, output standardization Technical services; support alliances gradually establish diabetic exercise rehabilitation regional demonstration base.

Professor Sun Zilin said that the hospital will continue to use the "Internet +" and intelligent diabetes education prescription system, combined with the development trend of healthy industries integrated with physical medicine, and have a more personalized and specialized sports prescription for diabetic patients; gradual standardization, strengthen Medical institutions diabetes exercise rehabilitation projects, cultivate diabetes sports rehabilitation and behavioral management connotation; integration of sports experts, Internet + experts, operational teams and diabetes multishabited management team interdistribute, improve diabetes exercise rehabilitation Overall treatment level.

In the future, it will also pass the physical doctor's integrated Diabetes Sports Rehabilitation Alliance, promote the sinking of high-quality medical resources, realizing the seamless connection of diabetes exercise rehabilitation in the hospital and the hospital, realizing the whole process of "hospital - community" integrated diabetes exercise rehabilitation Quality of life and slow disease management level in diabetic patients.

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