Ice and snow sports into the campus, promote the construction of ice and snow sports

As the first batch of ice and snow sports specialty schools in Beijing, Changping District, continuously improve the construction of ice and snow projects, and promotes ice and snow movement as key content, so that the ice and snow movement truly enters the classroom, and set off the ice and snow in the campus.

"Keep your body balance, concentrate attention, shoulder." On December 29th, the team members of the Shi Tombs Center Primary School, who were throwing a curling stone training, they held a curling, in the corridor's drylandPractice the pug and practice it.As Beijing Winter Olympics is approaching, the team members are full of expectation and embarrassment.According to Huang Changli, Vice President of the Tomb Center Primary School, the school also regularly organizes students to watch short films in winter, understand the Olympic higher and more and more stronger sports spirit; carry out grades "Winter Olympics" answer competition, deepen students to Winter OlympicsUnderstanding of understanding.Through a series of activities, let the children experience strong, brave and struggle in the ice and snow movement, cultivate new strength to the development of ice and snow, inject new vitality, and help 2022 Winter Olympics.Graphic / Wang Hong

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