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Sports are self-evident in the importance of healthy growth, "To ensure the one-hour sports activities of primary and secondary schools every day." Notice on Further Strengthening the Health Management of Primary and Secondary Schools has clearly proposed to children. Motion requirements. For parents, cultivate children insist on sports, scientific movement, fall in love with sports, and lay a good health foundation, may be a healthy gift for children's life.


Suggestion: Different age exercises are different

Interest is the foundation of children's insistence, parents can cultivate the interest of children's exercise according to their child's age, and let the children enjoy the happiness of sports.

For children under 3 to 6 years old, Yibo said, can be active in the form of games, play, etc., guarantees game activities in 2 to 3 hours a day, can be done, help to promote child body development, and improve The motion machine, especially coordination, can also promote the development of brain cognition.

For children aged 7 ~ 12, Yang Yuping introduced that this age group can do what sports can do, you can make children more in different sports forms, not only help the body coordination, and later participate in some more skillful The movement can also learn from the hand faster. It is best to exercise every day for 1 hour, focusing on cultivating exercises, it is best to find your favorite projects, and have a long-term adherence to the participation, forming a habit of life.

For children aged 13 to 17, Yang Yuping introduced that 2 hours of sports activities (including schools, schools) can be carried out at all times, and they can extend the motion of the school to the school and dominated by their favorite projects.

Scientific exercise

Suggestion: Whether the fatigue can be quickly alleviated

What is the amount of exercise for children?

Joho introduced that, in general, it is usually recommended that the child moves to a medium intensity, that is, the child is at the time of exercise at 10 to 150 times per minute. The child is subjective feeling slightly tired, breathing is a bit breather. Compare the amount of exercise suitable for children can quickly alleviate the judgment after "fatigue", if the child feels abundant, there is no obvious fatigue, indicating that the amount of exercise is appropriate. If you still feel fatigue, even affect normal sleep, study and life, indicating that the amount of exercise is too big.

Yang Yuping introduced that children do not ignore muscle exercises during exercise, children over the age of 13 can carry a certain strength of muscle strength training (resistance training) with a dumbbell, elastic band, etc. to increase muscle strength. If the muscle strength is weak, it may cause muscle on the joints and insufficient protection, which is prone to joint, ligament, muscle injury during exercise. In addition, the age slightly large child should pay attention to learning the correct sports technology, which can effectively reduce motion damage.

Exercise regularly

Suggestion: avoid obstruction factors

Yang Yiping pointed out that insistence on sports is important for children, pay attention to avoid some factors that may hinder the child's persistence.

First, only a single, boring movement form. For example, long-distance run, some children will feel boring, it is difficult to persist for a long time. In contrast, skipping rope, table tennis, badminton, basketball, football, bicycle, swimming, roller skating, etc., especially the ball and collective movement, it is easier to develop the habit of sports.

Second, sports does not meet the physical and mental growth law of children. For example, some children have been pushed into the pool "self" when they begin to swim, which may thus produce fear to swim, and give up swimming and even affect their mental health.

Third, exercise accidental injury. The injury in motion may cause huge body and psychological blow to the child, thereby giving up the movement. For example, when the child has chosen skill, high-quality exercise, high dangerous exercise, may be injured in a bad skill. For another example, the child began to train in power before the age of 13, and a cartilage structure of bone (a skeletal growth and development) has not closed, easy to impair, and even lead to joint inflammation and malformation.

Choose a suitable movement for your child

Yu Nan, aiming at the Children's Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine: Multi-sports can promote the baby's brain development, improve brain function, and further improve your baby's cognitive ability and control. Even a few rounds of transient activities can also activate the baby's related brain, which is a very good exercise opportunity for their memory and attention, and the baby's learning results will naturally be improved.

Giving some sports projects for parents for parents for reference.

1 ~ 3 years old with safety, interesting and simple exercise, such as climbing, running, jumping, etc.

3 to 5 years old can do some outdoor sports.

Special recommendation: balancing cars or bicycles unloading the balance wheel, able to exercise the balance of babies and coordination. Sliding, it is recommended that the baby is practicing after 4 years old, can exercise the leg forces, but ≤ 4 years old, exercises, will increase the burden of feet, affecting the body development.

5 ~ 7 years begins to enter the development of slow development, cardiovascular system is more slow, do not do strong intensity and long-lasting strenuous exercise, puzzle sports games are most suitable, or other relatively moderate projects.

Special recommendation: skating, able to exercise balance, coordination skills.Swimming, the baby over 6 years old can learn, can practice the whole body muscle control, coordination, breathing and action cooperation, the premise is to pay attention to safety.Dance, suitable for babies over 7 years old, enhance limbs flexibility, coordination, and improve music understanding, and aesthetic.Taekwondo, you can learn basic actions after 5 years of age, you can exercise muscle strength, flexibility and brain control capabilities.Skipping rope, can exercise jumping capacity, hand-made brain coordination skills, promoting brain nerve development.8 ~ 12 years old has a certain physical skill basis, but is still in growth, try to do some confrontational sports, avoid high intensity strenuous exercise.

Special recommendation: table tennis, can exercise the coordination ability of the eyes, thinking of the reaction skills, and lay the experience foundation for the future physics and mathematics arc exercise.Football, enhance physical fitness, and cultivate a sense of positioning, and enhance the awareness of teamwork.

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