What should I exercise in the sciatic nerve hurt?

1, holding knee stretching exercise

(1) lying down, one foot straight, the other is close to the chest, hands holding the calf tibia

(2) Maintain a posture for 30 seconds, change the foot exercise

2, double knee swing

(1) Flat lying, the arms are expanded, so that the body is T-type, arched 90 degrees, swinging the lower body toward one side down pressure stretch

(2) Maintain a posture for 30 seconds, replacement.

3, cat stretching exercise

I am pirate, the palm and my knees are moving, slowly bow the back, then the head is stretched up, maintains 5 teasing breath, relax, and practice 3 groups.

4, child-style stretching

跪, the thigh is sitting on the calf, and the hands stretched forward. Keep the back and head straight, maintain the posture for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

The sciatic neurosal pain is displayed in one side, aggravated at night, cough, and large stool. Sciatic neurosal pain is two kinds of primary and secondary. The primary is mainly due to the lesion of the sciatica; the secondary, the lumbar disc herniation, lumbar hyperplasia, waist and buttocks of soft tissue damage and pelvic diseases, and spinal vascular disease. In addition to avoiding cooling, the patient will properly strengthen the functional exercise of the waist and legs.

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