Movement makes people happiness

These days have suddenly dropped, and the cold is straight. I'm running early, my body is not cold, but my hand is frozen. After going back, quickly put it in hot water and soak it, and the hand recovered the perception. In addition, it is not very bitter, but it feels good. After running in the morning, I feel relaxed all day. The kind of joy of achieving the goal, overcoming inertia, actually sweeping all the haze, even myself is surprised!

In fact, there is nothing in life, but there are a lot of trouble, but I actually feel full of joy, running is a magical thing. Sports can make people relax, feel happy, and it is true. If you have trouble, you may wish to exercise. Running, playing badminton, jumping rope, doing open jump, etc., as long as you exercise, those negative emotions are naturally rushed away by sweat. Once you develop a habit of sports, people will become cheerful. Even if there is a big trouble, you can also do it. At least, you will not think that you will not be able to drill the horns.

In 2021, it was very bad for me. Some bitter fruits can only swallow alone. So far, they can't resort to people. Even if it is exhibited, I can't do it. When I can easily talk about these unbearable times, I am completely put down. At this moment, only silently. Despite this, I don't have pessimistic and negative, and I don't want to die. I still have a hopes to be optimistic. I think this is an open-minded movement. In addition to sweating, there are also physical and mental gains in addition to sweat.

The exercise makes me strong, so I can maintain an optimistic state of mind. Last year, when Tibet Gangreno, the three people were three people, one is a little girl after the 90s, one is a little longer, and one is a man who is almost old with Yunjie. At first, they had a very fast, and I was behind. The road is not too half, and their pace has gradually slowed down. When the highest level of 垭 垭 翻 翻 垭, the men and 90s have a symptom of hypoxia. Fortunately, the road has a pair of men and women with hundreds of pot oxygen and rent a horse. After the laughter and 90s, the sister is able to overlook the horse, and the man will save lives because of their oxygen. I have turned over my mouth, and it is a bit more way to fly when I go down. Averaged more than 5,000 meters average, 30 kilometers a day, if there is no usual insistence, I will definitely be like them, I can't turn over the mouth, and I have finished the hardest road.

At the end of March this year, it is not easy. The top of the bullish cold, climbed to the top of more than 4,000 meters of altitude, go to the five-color sea and the milk sea, it is not easy. Many people have to take oxygen while climbing. There is also a direct plateau reaction, halfway waste. I don't have oxygen, and the mountain is also hiking. More than 30 kilometers, I feel energetic, I am scared to my big brother with me. All of this, naturally, it is necessary to pay attention to the exercise of weekdays.

It is not meaningless to persist for so many years. Although you usually see its role, the exercise is really used. You can experience the fun of yourself. All your pay will be returned to you. Stick to exercise, you must harvest the graceful scenery. Don't be afraid of suffering, what is wrong with it. Sports, I can really heal everything! I stick to it!

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