Let the ice and snow exercise ignite the winter day campus

This newspaper (Reporter Ding Yaqin) is a good atmosphere of the Beijing Winter Olympics to help Beijing Winter Olympics. The teacher is greatly opened.

"Wearing the helmet and gloves, thinking about the essentials." "Don't worry, slowly, the feet is driving." ... Skating court, sports teacher wearing a skate standing on the ice, and teach students skating skills, I remind them to pay attention to safety. Everyone under the guidance of the teacher, the knee bow, visiting the front, struggling forward. Subsequently, the students riding a single, double ice bicycles moved to the specification, and arrived at the designated place by one and won the applause of the teachers and students in the field. As the dry land of the school's traditional ice and snow project, students show great interest. Everyone took turns, gently forcefully launched the ice ping ball, so that the ball slipped into the other end. You come to me in both sides, fighting, and the scene is very lively.

As the "Campus Ice Snow Scene" and the "Ice Snow Sports Pilot School" granted by the Municipal Education Bureau, Beijing Normal University has continuously strengthened the construction of ice and snow courses, and the school has built the Ice Snow Sports League. Winter Olympics emblem, mascot, competition project and the list of teachers and students of the whole school to popularize the Olympic knowledge to the teachers and students of the whole school. The grades were established in the year, the skating team, the skater, the ski team and other special societies, and cultivated students' interest in ice and snow. At the same time, through two-board simulated ski trainer, roller skiing and other facilities, strengthen daily training and improve students' competitive levels.

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