Easy sports health

The exercise time is best in the morning and evening, you can choose to go, play Tai Chi, mountain climbing, etc., can promote blood circulation, speed up new metabolism, but also keep the elderly to maintain a good spirit.

However, the temperature in noon is high, and the outdoor activities should be avoided, especially those with high blood pressure, cerebral arteriosclerosis, and the hot weather, which will increase the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

Xiao Wang's mouth ulcers have repeatedly seated for many years. Every time I meet overtime, the exam or a hot pot is finished, the burn pain will find the door to let him sleep in a few days. Over the years, Xiao Wang took "Qinghu Drug" "anti-inflammatory drug" as a home, but it can be eaten in a few years. The old illness has not added new injuries. There is a loss of appetite, the stomach is afraid, and the stool is like a problem. Let him even It is distressed.

In this case, we have to look at the oral ulcers from the perspective of Chinese medicine. Oral ulcers are "口 口" in Chinese medicine, common symptoms are on the inside of the lip, the tongue, the upper jaw, the two buccal mucosa, etc., there is a single or multiple circular small ulcer surface, rice particles or soy size, surface gray, slightly, surrounding mucosa Congestion red, burning, unexpected, repeated, affecting the quality of life of patients. (More the latest news can be seen "China Health Health"

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