Hebei Ice Snow Movement Horizontal Festival

The international referee of cross-country skiing, Associate Professor Tianjin Sports Institute in Mingyan. (I am)

"The three-year Hebei Ice Snow Games off-road ski and pulley competition, I have participated in the referee. Review, I can say that Hebei ice and snow moves one year, the development speed is too fast!" December 27, Associate Professor Tianjin Institute In Mingyan, he said when interviewed by reporters.

As the international referee of cross-country skiing, two InterContinental Cups of 2021/2022 International Snow United Northern Europe were just criticized in the beginning of this month. At the Winter Olympics of Beijing, he will be awarded cross-country skiing, and two two projects in Nordic, and the Olympic Olympic Ski Project will also be held in Beijing Winter Paralympics. Every provincial Ice Snow Games will invite some high-level referee to confirm, and in the three consecutive sessions.

"Hebei Province's first ice and snow sports will be conducted in track and field, the cross-country skiing competition is used in two game venues in winter. Some off-road ski players actually bring a snowboard with alpine skiing." Yu Mingyan recalled, "The second year, the pulley competition is conducted in the professional venue, and the off-road ski competition arranged in the national cross-country ski center, the sectors' equipment is also more professional, and the results are generally improved."

The third ice and snow sports meeting held in Wuyuan County, in Mingyan believes that this shows that the construction of the ice and snow venue in Hebei is very fast, "the" card neck "" go "problem is resolved, consolidating the rapid development of ice and snow sports .

In an interview, Yu Mingyan is rushing to 邯郸, preparing to teach the sole off-road ski referee training class. He said that most of Hebei Province's first Ice Snowports cross-country ski project referee from the province, only a small amount of the provincial referee, and disperse in auxiliary position. The second year of Hebei has increased significantly. After the training, the criticism level is significantly improved. "Most of this sports meeting, the cross-country skiing and pulley competitions come from Hebei, and can be alone."

Quasi-rising ice and snow venues, flowering events, increasingly perfect competition organizations, continuous talent reserves, these development changes in Hebei Ice Snow Movement make Mingyan admire. "Hebei ice and snow movement level is high, which is not only reflected in the competition level. Volkswagen's ice and snow participation is also increasing." He said that this is a higher demand for the Tannam, so we must continue to study training.

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