Can you exercise in knee joint?

How do patients with chronic diseases? Whether the knee is damaged to reduce exercise? Recently, reporters interviewed rehabilitation and sports health experts, they gave scientific suggestions and sports programs.

Ordinary people: seeking professional help before exercise damage

Sports are beneficial to different states. How to move in ordinary population, patients with slow disease and knee joints? Liu Gang, director of the Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, said that people with different situations can develop scientific and easy sports programs under professional assessment.

"For ordinary people, before exercising, you can go to the hospital rehabilitation consultation, exercise function assessment, and the rehabilitation doctor and therapist will have a sports prescription. Don't wait until the exercise damage occurs, it will go to rehabilitate." Liu Gang said, "Especially some patients with slow illnesses or knee diseases, I think that I have a disease, I can't exercise is misunderstood. Under the professional assessment of the rehabilitation department, it can be developed to adapt to its state."

"Everyone knows to exercise, but how to move talents, many people don't know." Liu Shufang, Vice President of Guangzhou Physical Education College Sports and Health College, told reporters that "the current big misunderstanding is that many people have occurred afterwards, or I feel that there is a very professional competitive exercise pursuit, and I will take the initiative to seek medicine and sports health. In fact, the elderly, slow illnesses, more need to learn how to scientifically move in advance. "

The elderly should carry out anti-buffet training

"I am afraid that the elderly wrestle, because the fracture of the fracture is long-term bed, it is likely to cause major health risks such as thrombosis, infection. Therefore, it is particularly important for the lower limb strength and lower limb stability. It is especially important to the elderly. "Liu Shufang reminded," With the increase of age, the elderly muscles are constantly declining. This part of the population can use small dumbbells, elastic bands or mineral water bottles, small chairs, etc., to assist some muscle strength exercise; In the case of the armrest, lower extremum strength and stability training are carried out. "

Knee patients can do open chain

Older people with knees, can do sports! Liu Shufang said: "When there is a problem with the knee joint, it should be accepted as safety boundaries with his own pain, no peasion and subjective fatigue level, and gradually exercise from low intensity begins."

It is also a different way of squatting training, elderly or knee patients with ordinary young people. The angle of knee flexion can be adjusted above the pain angle, and the action will not produce too much pressure. "Don't worry too much, I don't work," Liu Shufang said, "For the elderly, even if it is only slightly curved, you can do a certain exercise for the thigh muscles. As long as you move, you will benefit!"

Turn on the bicycle in supine is also suitable for this population. The so-called open-chain movement refers to the rotation of the proximal bone fixation in a stationary state, and the distal limb is displaced, such as sitting posture kick movement; and the corresponding closed chain movement is the limb far end bone (general finger foot) is fixed Static state, proximal torso displacement, such as deep squats, belongs to the closed chain movement. Liu Shufang said: "Of course, under the assessment of professional doctors or sports health experts, combined with heart rate monitoring, etc.

■ According to Yangcheng Evening News

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