[Sports Health] Middle-aged winter outdoor sports precautions

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Many middle-aged and old friends are insisting on exercising, but as the saying goes: people to middle age, day afternoon, with age increases, physical function is gradually degrading, and now the northern is another cold, and outdoor exercise is also special. Safety. Let's talk about winter exercise from three aspects:

1, sports time and natural environment

Most of the middle-aged blood vessels have different degrees of aging and lesions. Regardless of the neck skin, it is necessary to cause a large amount of cold air, which can cause neck, cardiac surgery and spasm, and this has coronary hardening and blood sticky. Senior adults with high consistency have increased the probability of cerebral infarction.

Therefore, winter outdoor exercise should try to choose the sun, the wind, flat, dry, and safe environments. If you are limited to the side of the roadside or street square, you need to pay extra attention to traffic safety and the pavement of ice. Whether the cold wave is sunny or not, it is recommended to exercise from 10 pm to 15 pm because it is a relatively high temperature during temperature. Some friends like to walk after dinner, bend, try to choose to go home before the cold is completely turned back home or choose to advance in advance in the day, avoid cold in the body.

2, your own physical condition

The force is row, people are expensive. When the woman is 23 years old, the men are full of more than 25 years old, and their exercise capacity has gradually reached its highest level. For the entire exercise capacity, with age, the exercise capacity is reduced every year, the old people over 60 years old, with a 50% of the exercise capacity of approximately 20 to 30, or even reducing 30%. However, the reduction in exercise capacity does not mean that the elderly do not need to exercise, such as lack of exercise, will cause muscle atrophy and skeletal calcium loss, and experience, exercise can also inhibit joint osteopanic hyperplasia, so seniors Appropriate exercise should also be maintained.

Another point that needs attention is that the old man may have an old disease and chronic disease, so it should be in force when exercising, and it is not further launched.

It is recommended to:

40-50 years: jogging, speeding, ping pong, hiking, tennis, etc., these motion types can increase physical strength and strengthen the lower body muscles. After exercise, people are refreshed, relieve tension and pressure.

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50-60 years old: swimming, small weight power training, golf, door ball, etc. It helps to maintain muscle elasticity, and strengthen bones can also achieve exercise of cardiopulmonary function.

60 years old: Walking, Ballroom Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Walk, Aerobic Sports or Water. On the one hand, the elderly social activities are increased while maintaining muscles, bones, and cardiopulmonary function at low intensity.

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3, clothing equipment

In winter, although the clothing equipment is mainly emphasized, it is necessary to pay attention to keep warm and comfort. Choosing clothing is not a feature of expensive products, but should choose your own equipment for specific environments and sports items. In response to the middle, the elderly focused on keeping warm, especially the head, and neck. Head, the neck seems to be large, but actually disappearing over the outdoor activity, the total heat dissipation of more than 30% of the body is more than 30%, and the outdoor movement is often only possible to achieve a certain amount (middle-aged persevering sweat However, avoid sweating), so wear scarves and hats when exercising, choose standards with comfortable, warm, moisture, hats, scarves, are fleece or cotton lines varies from person to person.

Today, I will share this with you, and we will add more about exercise.

I wish you all happy!

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