Ice Snow Motion Shake Children

Since 2015, Tsinghua University Affiliated Primary School Changping School actively constructs and implements the "1 + X course" system, and proposes the educational goal of the primary school stage is "health, sunlight, music", put the physical and mental health of the students in the first place, and put sports As a core course, the ice and snow movement is a special brand of school sports and health courses, based in the classroom, and play the courses to develop the core of the ice and snow movement, and consolidate the foundation of Tsinghua Xiaochang Pacific School.

1 to 0 defeated Canada U14 Ottawa Women's Ice Hockey team, became the U12 Yinqi in the International Ice Hockey Invitational Tournament held in Qiqihar in 2019, won the best athlete award, the best prize of the game ... these bright eyes ... Honor is the new year's women's ice hockey team. It is worth mentioning that this women's ice hockey team is also the first campus women's ice hockey team in Beijing.

The fire of the stars, igniting the passion of ice and snow. Liu Jianwei, executive president of the school, said: "Ice hockey is a combination of sports and aesthetics, and cultivates the quality of students, especially girls, is a very good carrier. At that time, there was no female ice hockey team in Beijing, and the establishment team was also in order to fill blank. "So, the first woman's ice hockey team is built so.

At the beginning of the ice hockey, the school was trained for 2 times a week. Every team member was trained for 4 hours a week, and the ice hockey equipment only had more than a dozen pounds. Few girls can stick to it. "We use the Ice Hockey Training as an Important Personality and Hammering the Will. After a period of tempering, the students have the feeling of 'backing changer'." Liu Bo Ze, sports teacher, said.

When the girl ice team members participated in the competition, the principals and teachers, parents collectively watched, and also gave each player with a hockey cap with Tsinghuaia. This not only inspires the enthusiasm and combat power of the players, but also let them have a sense of collective honor and sense of responsibility, which broadcasts the seeds of ice and snow in their hearts.

Combine in the top, develop campus ice and snow culture. As the ice and snow specialty, each corner of the campus is cultural atmospheres in the ice and snow. With the support of the Primary Education Commission of Beijing, benefited from the integrated management model of Tsinghuaia, the school has built a perfect campus ice and snow culture system.

The school is the theme of "carrying the ice and snow culture, the winter Olympics", focusing on the development of winter ice and snow art curriculum resources, integrating with art classes, launched the "Ice Snow Theme Painting Competition" Campus Cultural Activities. Students use color to interpret the love of ice and snow, showing the beauty of ice and snow in different materials, further enhances students' understanding and understanding of ice and snow projects, and promotes the popularity of ice and snow culture.

Carry out the campus ice and snow into the classroom and other activities to gain a lot: introduce the dry land ice hockey, land curling, speed roller slip, etc. Taking the game, students are happy; organize fun sportsmen, all students experience the charm of ice and snow sports in the fun of the ice and snow project. The school currently has 5 ice and snow related communities, including men and women ice hockey and pattern skating society, achieving all-round coverage from one to sixth grades.

Ice and snow movement into the classroom and promotes students' comprehensive growth. In the school, sports is a core course and is also the favorite courses of students. In order to promote the ice and snow project, in 5 sports classes per week, the school specializes in setting up a selection of ice and snow projects, including speed skating, spectacular skating, ice hockey, dry land ski, roller skating, etc., and self-edited Ice school bookwork.

The school has a comprehensive development of children with ice and snow. In recent years, the school has been a breakthrough in ice and snow, and practices the "sports people" education concept, which is associated with the daily life of each student. Students have significant increase in physical fitness, 2015-2020, in the national student physical health standards, excellent rates have been improved for 5 consecutive years, with a proficiency rate of 99%, excellent rate of 50%; Changping District primary school physique health monitoring data shows that student myopia The obesity declines year by year.

"China Education News" December 28, 2021 9th Edition

Author: Our reporter Li Xiaowei

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