Play the body to cultivate children's interested

Wuxi Xinwu District Chunchao Kindergarten combined with "I do practical things for the people", continuous development of outdoor game methods, continuously carrying out physical circulation, kindergarten exercise, "Yuezhen" cheerleading community and other activities, let Young children fully play, fully exercise, fully develop, and promote the comprehensive development of children's body Zhid.

Playing around, funny

Spring tide kindergarten combined with the actual situation of young children in the garden, building the "walking, running, jumping, climbing, climbing" and other sports content, through physical circulation, promoting the healthy development of young children. Let the ability of the children (balance, activity, size muscles, etc.) can be exercised; follow the principle of Fitt, to achieve the strength and density of exercise, and exercise the willpower of young children and perseverance.

Steering show, witness growth

Steam is an important part of the child's day event, which has an important role in developing the basic action of young children, enhances children's physique, and cultivating child group awareness. In order to strengthen the standardization management of the fift, the quality of the hand is continuously improved, and the spring tide kindergarten is regularly launched by the agenda instruments. At the scene, the whole girl was in a unified clothing, and the spirit was shaken to everyone, and the kindergarten characteristic event football exercise, the rhythmic bottle operated. In the exhibition activity, the teachers use the characteristics of the children's health education objectives and practical development, using characteristic tunes, carefully designing the movement of just flexible, reasonable array of queue changes, all employees, both cultivated The children's collective consciousness has reached the purpose of enhancing physical fitness, strong physical fitness, fully demonstrating the healthy and active spiritual style of spring and young teachers and students, and teachers have new thinking and sentiments in guiding young children's festivals. .

Proud, dance with songs

Since the spring tide kindergarten "Yuezhen" cheerleading agency established, the flower ball is gradually entering the parents and children of the spring tide kindergarten, the autumn playground is the stage of the cheerle. With the body of the company, the children, the confident smile, flourishing many times in the national competition. They use unremitting efforts to prove that the time is the most beautiful, and the life is the most exciting. Recently, the 26 children of the Chunchao Kindergarten "Yuezhen" La Trade Association participated in the "2021 Wuxi City Children (Parent) Cheerucking Exhibition" hosted by Wuxi Municipal Education Bureau. In the event, the children lived four shots, and the color was raised to regulate the neat flowerball movements. The unique armed forces, the more changing formation, the cute confident smile infected the judges, and finally stood out in many participating teams, won one Good grades for prizes. Children in the process of learning, learn to cooperate, learn to think, they use confident smiles, show the style of the spring tide "Yue La". This movement allows children to have a healthy body, sunshine's mentality, but also a new generation of confident and cheerful generation. (Xue Wei)

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