Chest shaping stretching movement

One of the important signs of women's bodybuilding is the beauty of the external body curve formed by a bodybuilding breast. Experts say that some bad living habits are culprits that lead to the increasingly flat breasts.

There are the following aspects that cause the bad habits of flat chest:

1. Use cold or overheated bath water to stimulate breasts

The micro -blood vessels around the breast, the stimulation of overheating or too cold bath water is extremely unfavorable. If you choose to take a bath or pot bath, you must not soak in the overheated or cold bath water for a long time. Otherwise, the soft tissue of the breast will relax and cause the skin to dry.

2. Unclean nipples and areola parts

Women's breasts are very important. If it is not clean in a long time, it will cause trouble, such as inflammation or skin diseases. Therefore, breasts must be cleaned frequently.

3. Misunderstanding of the chest mask

Long -term wearing bras may cause chest sagging, while too small bras will affect the development of the chest. With the change of age and before and after marriage, after marriage, or before and after, the size of women's breasts will change. At this time, when you buy a bra, you must adjust the size and buy it after trying it.

4. Improper massage

Massage can promote the plump breasts, but if you shoot or massage down, it will only make the breasts smaller and smaller.

5. Drugs

It is not advisable to use contraceptives to remove acne, or to make breasts plump with contraceptive pills. The main component of contraceptives is estrogen and progesterone. Long -term use will disrupt women's endocrine balance and cause irregular menstruation, which will only make the chest smaller and smaller.

6. Excessive diet

Most of the interior tissue of the breast is fat. Some women blindly pursue slimness, disregarding all diet, and even vegetarian dishes every day. As a result, the breast development is not sound and dry and intangible. Do not pay attention to underwear or exercise that you may hurt your breasts when wearing underwear. Some people feel a burden when they exercise, so they do not wear bras, which can easily make the chest curve look. Especially running, skipping rope, etc., pay attention to protecting the chest during exercise to avoid sagging on the chest. Here are several stretching therapies for breasts:

(1) The head is forward, the body is straight, and then fists with both hands.

(2) Rights or sitting positions, the chest should be tightened forward as much as possible, which can effectively enhance the skin's tightening, ensure that the pectoral muscles are elastic, and the figure is more exquisite.

(3) End standing or sitting, handle your hands on your chest, concentrate on your palms, and then press it hard for 5 to 8 times a day.




(4) End standing or sitting, grab the arm of the right hand on the left hand, and then stretch straight up and push out. Relax for several seconds, and repeat the movement for 5 to 6 minutes.

(5) Sitting on the ground slightly and clinging to the ground with both legs, and then inhaling with both hands pressing the inside of the knee.

When exhaling, pull your knees outwards and persist for 5 to 10 seconds.

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