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Sitting in the office for a whole day, even if you do n’t do exercise, you will have back pain? After walking up and down the stairs, I often feel that my calves are sour and my knees are uncomfortable? Standing for a long time, will I feel pain in the back? The bad standing position of three or seven steps? Do you know what kind of squatting position will not be injured?

Many people will go to the gym, playing, swimming, cycling, etc. in common is that there is a period of starting and ending. At the time of the end, the exercise seems to be over. Stairs, bending down to pick up things, these are all exercise, exercise is not only a specific project. Our daily life is a series of sports, so exercise in English is represented by Movement, instead of excercise.

Only by putting all the movements in life into exercise training can we truly continue to improve the performance of the movement. Usually, we will pay attention to whether the sports posture is correct in the sports field and gym, but in daily life, we encounter a hasty movement when moving heavy objects, causing the body's movement mechanism to cause damage. Traditional exercise, but it is a standard living movement. If the posture is poor, it may also cause exercise damage of disc herniation, because whether it is standing, sitting, bending over, squat, etc. Cooperation is just that we are too familiar with these actions and often improperly.

We often translate it as a running on the sports field and is prone to injury. But I want to emphasize that the seemingly common daily action, the most dangerous actions that are repeated hundreds of errors a day, because it may not be injured instantly, but it will indirectly erode your health because of the accumulation of time, so To prevent sports damage, it is necessary to start from daily life.

Put down your phone, go to fitness, sweat, don't hesitate, don't wait for tomorrow, now, now, right away!

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