Outdoor sports are heating up

The highly anticipated Beijing Winter Olympics has pushed public sports consumption enthusiastically to a climax. In the later Winter Olympics, the winter Olympics effect is still continuing. Whether it is the extreme exercise of thrilling stimulation, or relaxing the physical and mental hike, cycling, camping ... outdoor sports have become more and more people's leisure choices.

Camping short video "occupation" circle of friends, outdoor equipment, hot sales, niche sports have become mainstream ... Since this spring, Beijing citizens have gradually increased their enthusiasm for outdoor sports, especially outdoor projects such as camping, cycling, Luya, etc. One -day tour, release greater consumption potential and vitality.

Camping fire circle

"The Qingming small holiday, the circle of friends was camped." The chief lifeist "big face cute sauce" in the consumer content community is an outdoor sports enthusiast. She told reporters: "I first learned about camping in film and television dramas, and today social media camping pictures can be seen everywhere. Go to the mall before the holiday, and camping equipment is also placed in the most conspicuous position."

As the weather gradually heats up, the Wenyu River Park, the Grand Canal Forest Park, and Tongzhou City Green Heart Park have become popular camping sites in Beijing. Among them, Wenyu River Park, located at the junction of Chaoyang, Shunyi, and Changping, is the largest "green lung" in Beijing. During the long holiday of Qingming, forsythia, Bi Tao, Shanxing, Magnolia, and Lilac in the park have been blooming, and 30,000 square meters of tent camping are also officially opened. Many Beijing citizens bring their tents with their mouths to enjoy a rare holiday. In addition to country parks, some areas of the suburbs of Beijing also see business opportunities to launch camps that focus on camping tourism, which is also popular.

The camping tour containing the elements of mountains, nature, and green space is bright, and related products have jumped into a new hot spot for consumption. According to the data released by Ctrip, the number of camping products in Qingming Festival in 2022 increased by more than 3 times year -on -year. Camping products with the theme of flowers, RV travel, open -air concerts, and travel auctions became the highlights of travel. The report released by the "what worth buying" platform also shows that during the "3.8" shopping festival this year, the popularity of camping -related pads, tents, and charge products related to camping increased by 44%, 67%, and 107%year -on -year.

Zhang Yuang, head of the "what worth buying" business operation center, pointed out that consumers tried to camping tour as early as 2014. However, camping has really become a way of leisure in the public in recent years, mainly based on policy promotion, changes in lifestyle, and social network effects. "With the acceleration of urbanization, the leisure needs of residents in first- and second -tier cities have begun to develop in depth, and the proportion of country leisure categories continues to rise. In 2021, 'what is worth buying' camping 'in the station' in the station has increased by 187%year -on -year. About camping equipment and camps , Campaign storage, the content of the tent continued to get discussion and attention. Among them, 'exquisite camping' is more hot.

"The so -called exquisite camping refers to adding sky curtains, lamp racks, outdoor lamp sources, coffee machines and other equipment based on traditional one person and one account, so that consumers' leisure experience is upgraded again." "What is worth buying" outdoor sports industry Professional editor Zheng Jin'e said that the "exquisite camping" population is more popular among young white -collar workers. Experiencers not only feel slow -paced life, but also easy to achieve social network standards such as taking pictures and punch cards.

Niche becoming the public

Camping this former niche tourism form has become a new trend of consumption. The outdoor sports represented by the "Camping+" model not only shows the new pursuit of consumer camping experience, but also promotes the growth of the sports tourism market.

"Go to the mountain trail around the city on the weekend, or take a circle in the city while sunny, or take a baby to experience camping yoga, these forms are inseparable from sports tourism. For new sports people, Sports can be fun or perfectly combined with daily life. From 'Far View' to 'Try', sports are becoming a new path of public leisure for the whole people. "

According to statistics from the Ma Honeycomb platform, the "post -80s" and "post -90s" younger generation with a certain economic foundation is the most important part of sports travel. From the early 2003 trial outdoor sports, Xia Dongjun, a member of the honeycomb member, has a history of outdoor sports for nearly 20 years. This year's Qingming holiday, because of the epidemic, could not leave Beijing, the Xia Dongjun family chose to play in Huyu Natural Scenic Area in Changping District, Beijing. "Here, the children are playing with water, I play Luya, my wife climb the mountain. The family is happy." Xia Dongjun said.

Beginning last year, Xia Dongjun was obsessed with Luya movement. The so -called Luya is a movement of "fishing with fake bait", which is also nicknamed "water golf". "The Taiwanese fishing we know is to attract the fish through bait, and then catch it. Luya needs to find the fish first, and then use the fake bait and bait methods to" deceive the fish "." Xia Dongjun said.

Xia Dongjun told reporters that his current sports consumption is mainly concentrated on the installation of Luya equipment. Luya Sports is one of the fastest consumption growth rates in outdoor sports in the past two years. In the embrace of Luya, it can be seen that more and more people participating in this movement and the trend of youth are more obvious. "

Luya's movement is more sought after, which is derived from being closer to nature, and also streamlined equipment requirements. "Sports and tourism is not the concept of completely fragmentation. There are leisure characteristics of their own sports in major regions in the country, such as ice and snow in the northeast, the ocean of East China, the mountains in the southwest, and the grassland in the northwest. The combined tourism play resources. "Feng Rao said that the diversity of gameplay determines that sports tourism has a wide range of audiences. Whether it is the extreme exercise of thrilling stimulus or a walking fishing for a relaxed body and mind, anyone with an interested circle can participate more or less. Cycling

With the continuous enhancement of national fitness awareness and green travel awareness, bicycles have also changed from past travel tools to the popular recreation of leisure, sports, and culture. In spring, many Beijing citizens walked out of the house, riding out of the outing, and enjoying flowers.

The reporter visited several bicycle stores in Beijing and learned that due to the increasing number of citizens of outdoor cycling exercises, spring has become a peak season for bicycle sales. In recent years, the sales of mid -to -high -end bicycles have maintained a growth trend. Especially since the epidemic occurs, the number of people using bicycles as commuting transportation has increased significantly.

The "big face cute sauce" that loves riding also feels this feeling. "I bought a bicycle in 2018. At that time, my friends around me were very puzzled. There were so many bicycles on the road. Why did I buy it? But more and more friends who bought bicycles in the past two years, and many people also added it. Riding equipment such as helmets, gloves, driving recorders, etc. "

The "2022 China Bicycle Electric Bicycle Popular Trends Report" recently released by the China Bicycle Association shows that from the perspective of consumer trends, urban leisure cars pay attention to improving cycling comfort, and the national tide style design adds local cultural elements; Accelerate the popularity, electronic gear transmission is popularized from top road vehicles to sports enthusiasts; mountain bicycles pay more attention to diverse riding experiences.

Feng Rao believes that as my country enters the stage of normalized epidemic prevention and control, people have greater enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle. Leisure and entertainment projects combining sports such as cycling and mountain climbing will gradually become the mainstream of people's choice.

"It is foreseeable that with the boom of sports tourism, consumers' demand for high -tech sports equipment will also become increasingly prominent. For example, sports cameras can not only better record the entire cycling process, but also combine third -party software. They will be combined with third -party software. Fast, power, human heart rate, and local altitude, air pressure and many other data display are displayed in the screen. This application is not limited to exercise, even if it is camping, self -driving, and even for cooking It is also helpful for security protection, "said Wan Lu, a senior cycling enthusiast.

Wanlu said that consumers' awareness of sports products has increased significantly. As long as the product is excellent enough, it is not so sensitive to the price. Therefore, whether it is a designer or a manufacturer, it must pay more attention to the quality, appearance and brand tone of sports products, actively tap the subdivision categories, and effectively improve the market competitiveness of the product. (Reporter Han Bingzhi)

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