Scientific method of mountaineering campaign

According to research, the human body is easier to adapt to high mountains below 2000 meters, and there will be no obvious mountain reactions. Some famous mountains and rivers for visiting our country are generally below 2000 meters. Middle -aged people who are healthy ascend to such mountains are completely possible.

Of course, the mountaineering movement also has its scientific methods. First, pay attention to the amount of exercise. Those who climb need to consume a lot of physical strength and energy on the one hand, and face the decrease in oxygen pressure and insufficient oxygen. Therefore, it must be rhythmic to grasp the amount of activity. You can use a section, rest for a while, and move forward to gradually adapt your body. Middle -aged people participating in the mountaineering activities should be "swimming". Walking and looking at it, they must not be compared with young people. At the beginning, the height of the board is lower, the speed is slower, the distance is shorter, and the number of rests in the middle is more.

Second, pay attention to safety. Mountaineering is best to wear a soft bottom of the feet, and there is a non -slip texture of rubber shoes. It is best to avoid the prominent place of cliff cliffs on the mountain. Middle -aged people climb the mountain, and it is best to walk on a cable, to save energy, and at the same time, it is best to accompany each other, help each other, talk and laugh, help to activate emotions, encourage each other, reduce or forget the tiredness.

Third, pay attention to changes in temperature. According to the measurement, the temperature of the mountain decreases by 1 ° C for every 150 meters. On the top of a 1500 -meter -high mountain, the temperature is 10 ° C lower than the mountain. Therefore, you should bring one or two more clothes and raincoats before climbing the mountain to prepare it.

Fourth, pay attention to diet appropriately. When climbing, physical strength consumption is large, and nutrition must keep up. Before climbing, you should eat and eat better than usual. Drinking a lot of saline should be drank properly to supplement the necessary water and salt. Conditional can be preserved with chocolate or toffee to quickly replenish thermal energy.

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