The women's movement set off a new boom

(Source: SportSpromedia)

In 2020, a new crown epidemic that swept the global crown allowed the world to press the suspension key, and international sports had to stop.

However, with the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control, sports events began to gradually enter the right track. Among them, the recovery of the women's movement is the strongest and began to lead a new round of boom.

In early 2021, BBC and Sky Sports announced that they reached a "largest business broadcast contract in the history of women's football" with the Premier League: the two sides signed a three -year broadcast contract with a total value of 24 million pounds.

On April 23, Beijing time, in the first round of the Women's Champions League semi -final, the Barcelona Women's Football Stadium won the Bundesliga team Wolfsburg 5-1. According to the official data of Barcelona Club, the game attracted a total of 9,1648 fans to watch the scene and refreshed the world record of the audience to the women's football competition. The previous record was also created by the Barcelona women's football team. In the game of defeating Real Madrid on March 31, Beijing time, 91,553 fans poured into Norku to cheer for the home team.

Although the new crown epidemic has caused sports to stagnate a short period of time, it has also forced practitioners to reflect and look forward to the industry more cautiously, and the women's movement has been put on the agenda more.

During the epidemic, the British golf player Justin Ross and his wife founded the "Rose Women's Series" in southeast England to support female professional golf players who did not have a game during the epidemic to provide them with opportunities and popularity. In 2021, the holding of the event has expanded to the most prestigious golf course in some countries in England and Scotland, and the number of games has also increased to 11 games.

In addition, the broadcasting company also gave women more opportunities for women's events. In the post -epidemic era, the broadcasting company began to try new content to seek new growth, including women's events that were not optimistic about before.

During the epidemic, the live broadcast of sports events stopped abruptly, and the audience's demand for sports content became stronger, so that when it restarted, people held a more open attitude towards novel events. According to data from YOUGOV of the research agency, 21%of British adults have increased attention to the women's movement during the epidemic, which also made the media platform that will bet on women's events in the early stage to get a good return.

This data not only shows that people's interest in women's movements is rising, but also confirms the huge business potential behind the women's movement. Taking the broadcast agreement between the Premier League and the two broadcasting agencies last year as an example, according to the data of Nielsen Sports, the signing of the agreement enables the average number of viewers in the first three months of the 2021-22 season. 542%.

The more women on the screen, the deeper people's understanding and love for them, and the expansion of the popularity and influence of women athletes directly, which is exactly what the brand value. This virtuous circle will promote the long -term development of women's movements.

As more and more women's movements are concerned, the sponsor of these events has also increased significantly. Many brands are accurately and effectively reaching consumers that have been accurately and effective through this channel. More event organizers began to realize this. They tried to sell the sponsorship of men's and women's movements separately to get greater value.

Earlier, UEFA reached cooperation with VISA and Nike alone in the women's football business alone. UEFA not only shows that the traditional sports sponsorship model still has room to refine, but also further enhances the commercial value of women's sports.

Today, this trend will continue and expand to more sports. According to Nielsen Sports survey, the brand's non -bundled sponsorship investment in women's sports in 2021 increased by 146%.

All measures are making women's movements an independent and powerful commercial asset. These progress also gives the brand the opportunity to establish an exclusive cooperative relationship with the women's movement, so as to better achieve specific strategic goals.

At the same time, the innovation of the women's movement is not limited to the field of business sponsorship.

The Angel City Football Club, which focuses on "women's power", has shown ownership and business model that is different from traditional teams. The club adopts the start -up company's model to raise funds to attract more investors to join during the financing process. Now it is attracted to attract multiple investors including retirees, singers, and film superstars. In terms of club operation, the team pays more attention to the influence on the community. The club will allocate 10% sponsorship to the community, and each sponsors will also provide education and training services to the community. In addition, the club also established athlete funds to ensure the safety of athletes and enjoy fair treatment.

As of now, Angel City has received approximately $ 35 million sponsorship, and its quarterly tickets have been sold for 16,000 pieces. These data have made other women's league teams dwarfing.

While the women's movement is constantly improving, the "men and women" between the sports world are also improved.

In January 2022, the Wales Association announced a full -time contract with 12 female players, and they also became the first batch of women's rugby players in Wales.In the United States on the other side of the ocean, after 6 years of struggle, the National Women's Football Team and the US Football Association reached a reconciliation agreement of $ 24 million (about 150 million yuan), and achieved equal pay for men and women in all international competitions such as the World Cup.The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has accelerated the re -evaluation of the society in various industries, and there is a understanding of the women's movement.Although these changes are not perfect, it is making women's movements the mainstream of society.

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