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The concept of sports health is an organic combination of the words "sports" and "health". Realize health methods to maintain health, enhance physical fitness, extend life, and delay aging.

Exercise originated from the original survival and development instincts of human beings. From the time of 3 million years ago, the day of the old stone instrument -from the birth of the ancestors of human beings, to a highly developed modern society, and in the future, movement is always indispensable for human beings. Basic survival and development instincts.

Life is movement. Although exercise can enhance physical fitness, inappropriate exercise is not only good for health, but some even cause diseases.

1. Exercise more

For middle -aged and elderly people or young people, we must first exercise more, especially those who often sit in the office should persist in exercise. Only for many years can you achieve the cumulative effect of exercise.

2. Warm up before exercise

Spring exercise should pay attention to science, especially the body of the whole winter, the muscle function is at a low level, and the bones and ligaments are stiff. If you do not stretch, twist your waist or skipping rope can cause damage. Therefore, before you exercise, you can kick your legs and turn your waist. After the muscles and joint activities of your body are opened, you can do severe exercise.

3. Pay attention to keep warm

The climate is changing in spring, it is warm and cold at first, and outdoor fitness should be appropriate. We should not take off our coats immediately before exercise. After the preparation is done, the body feels slightly hot and then gradually reduces clothes, and then the clothes are increased or decreased with the changes in temperature and the amount of exercise. Moreover, there are many fog in spring, and the wind and sand are also large. The naked part of the limbs should not be too large during exercise to prevent joint pain caused by the cold.

4. Get up early and lie early and prevent spring difficulties

Many people always feel that they do n’t sleep enough in spring. They are asleep during the day and are not mentally weak. For example, Meng Haoran Shiyun “Spring Sleeping does n’t know”. This phenomenon is actually “spring sleepy”.

Improve the discomfort of spring, get up early and get up early, and ensure 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day to raise stubbornness to meet the needs of more spring activities.

5. The elderly recommend a gentle and continuous exercise

Such as Tai Chi, Eight -Binjin, Health Pile, etc. combining the movement with breathing. The exercise combined with breathing is not only conducive to the operation of the limb qi and blood, but also has a regulatory effect on the visceral qi, blood, yin and yang.

6. Sports to choose during the day

Especially the yang is relatively strong at noon. At night or early in the morning, the human body is full of yin and weak yang.

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