Actively participate in sports exercise

Actively prevent and control air pollution, improve the labor environment, living environment, and living room environment, "static" treatment of more dusty environments, do good hygiene, and strengthen preventive measures, such as dust collectors, dust masks, ventilation equipment, etc., etc. Breathing more fresh air, the smokers must make determination to quit smoking, which is good for lung protection.

Actively participate in exercise and improve lung function

Such as walking in a place with fresh air in the morning and evening, doing radio gymnastics, playing Tai Chi, practicing qigong, etc., can effectively enhance physical fitness and improve cardiopulmonary function. At the same time, frequent training of abdominal breathing instead of chest breathing. Each time it lasts for 5-10 minutes, it can enhance the partial muscle, abdominal muscle and lower pectoral muscle activity, deepen the breathing range, increase the amount of ventilation, reduce the amount of dysfunction, and improve the lung function.

Pay attention to diet should not be avoided

Eat less spicy and thick flavor for lung health. You should eat light food. You should avoid salty salt. Do not get too cold and overheated, especially cold drinks. You must take it reasonably in diet.

Cold -proof

During the cold season or temperature, it is the most vulnerable to a cold and induces bronchitis. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt to nature, prevent cold and keep warm, and increase or decrease clothes at any time as temperature changes. When sweating, it should be avoided; indoor temperature and humidity should be suitable, but it is not suitable for blowing air. The lungs are not hurt.

Cold -resistant exercise

The purpose of cold -resistant exercise is to enhance the body's immune function and prevent colds. Specific methods can use cold water bath, air bath and healthy nose. Long -term exercise has benefited a lot.

Disease prevention

Actively preventing colds is one of the effective ways. Those who suffer from epidemic diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, etc., before the temperature changes, before the large territorial transfers, we should take preventive health and treatment measures to avoid inducing the old old Diseases or worsening the condition.

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