Stretching before Plati Movement

You can do the following warm -up stretching moves before performing the Plati Movement:

1. Stretch of abdomen, inner thighs, outside and hip and hip

(1) lying on the cushion. Put your hands behind your head, tighten your abdomen, and lift your upper body slightly away from the ground.

(2) Raise your right foot, about two fists from the ground (if you feel too difficult to keep it on the ground), lift your left foot to the sky.

(3) Keep the abdomen and the hips move. Draw a circle of about 4 softballs in the size of 4 softballs with the entire left leg, 4 laps, and then go around 4 laps.

(4) Put your left leg down and repeat the above action.

2. Stretch of arms, chest, abdomen, legs and hips

(1) Sit down, move your feet forward, gently place your hand on the ground behind your waist, and your fingers point to the back.

(2) Straighten your legs and straighten your toes.

Then force the ground, tighten the abdomen at the same time, lift your hips, and let your body form a straight line from head to toe.

(3) Keep your eyes forward, sink your shoulders, and do not bend your elbows.

(4) Straighten your left foot as much as possible, and then slowly put down the right hip. Do 4 times a unilateral side, and then change to another repeated movement.

3. Stretch of arms, abdomen, legs and back

(1) Kneel on the ground, go down, keep your back straight.

(2) Tighten the abdomen and force, lift your knees from the height of about half of the feet from the ground, keep the abdomen tightened, and move your right knee forward to the nose.

(3) Then lift the right leg back and straighten back, and squeeze the hips at this time.

(4) Keep the lower abdomen muscles tighten and the hip is in front of the ground to protect the back.




4. Taste of arms, waist, stretch abdominal muscles, chest stretching

(1) Lie down on the ground, stretch your arms backwards, and point to your toes. Then lift your arms and legs and leave the ground about 15 cm.

(2) Keep it for a while, feel the legs are being pulled out, and the back is far away from the hips.

(3) Then draw your arms on both sides, but still behind you.




(4) exhale, approach your arms towards your toes, and your palms down.

(5) Keep for a while, return to the starting position, and relax the body on the ground.

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