Sports tide, British SANAG sports Bluetooth headset Z9 experience

Many wireless Bluetooth headsets now have no ear -mounted design, and they are not very solid and easy to drop during exercise. As a member of the long -term persistence of night running, it is a relaxation and enjoyment while running a song while running. Some time ago I ran a TWS Bluetooth headset when I ran. For this reason, I recently started a Sanag Z9 sports Bluetooth headset, which can run happily. ▼

【Appearance and Design】

SANAG is a headset brand from the UK. SANAG headphones have high requirements for the shape of headphones, not only to bring excellent auditory experience to users, but also to make Bluetooth headsets facilitate all aspects of user life and improve their quality of life. The appearance of this gas -conducting headset is similar to the common bone -pass headset shape. The accessories contain a TC charging cable, a instruction manual and the headset itself. ▼

This Z9 has three colors: black, blue, pink, rose red. I chose a blue, which feels very cool, and the technology is simple. ▼

I like this sports design style simple and generous blue, full of sports elements, and round white lights on the outer side of the headset, so that the headset design must be more layered. ▼

The keys are set on the top of the left and right headphones. Daily music playback pause or telephone answering dial can be controlled by keys, and it is also very convenient and simple in operation. Using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, supporting effective distance within 10m, can be connected stable and continuous ▼

The headset is worn as an ear -mounted design with an in -ear design. This headset has only 8G, zero -matching single sense, which is more comfortable. We do n’t have to worry about wearing a simple exercise running in daily life. Built-in aluminum-plated liquid crystal polymer film, 10*5mm Hi-Fi miniature full-frequency unit. The maximum output is 30mW, the stack is full, and it is still looking forward to the sound quality effect. ▼

The SANAG Z9 headset charging interface uses the Type C interface. The use of single earphones can provide a 9 -hour battery life. With the battery warehouse use, it can provide a strong battery life of about 48 hours. The most important thing is that the charging box also uses flash charging technology. Put in the battery box for 5 minutes, you can charge the headset for 1.5 hours. ▼


Open the mobile phone Bluetooth search, you can see the Z9 click connection, the operation is fast and convenient. After the connection records, when we use it, we can quickly connect to the mobile phone when we use it without manual ordering. Memory connection history, use it as soon as it is turned on. ▼

Running while listening on weekends is indeed a rare relaxation time and can exercise. Exercise running, commute can be used. The performance of the headset in the low frequency is not vulgar and powerful, the daily voice of the middle and high frequency bands is clear and delicate, which may be related to the size of the vibration unit. Performance. ▼

Under the bass, it is strong and powerful, full of earthquake, and the spread of trebles. It sounds sharp and harsh, and the sound quality performance is very good. The sound effects of the headset are metaphysics, and a thousand people have a thousand Hamlet. This headset reached this metaphysical watch that we can feel based on hearing. Good headphones are always different, and Z9 sound quality performance makes me satisfied. ▼

SANAG Z9 adopts waterproof structure design, daily running exercise, slightly sweat drip can be easily dealt with, waterproof level IPX5.

【Write in the end】

The SANAG Z9 experience is really different. The overall performance is very in line with my needs for headphones. Both sound quality and appearance design performance are very good. I feel that the plastic sense of the shell of the headset battery box is too strong, and I hope the quality can be improved.

Enjoying the wonderful music when running is still very good. Excellent sound quality and beautiful appearance design. It is a must for every little friend who loves sports and running.

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