Which brand of running headphones is good and suitable for sports headphones

For people who love sports, there is a good headset to play rhythmic music during exercise to make the movement more ritual and more motivated. Otherwise, it will definitely feel that the exercise is boring and it won't last long. At the same time, I believe that many people who like sports have some confusion. What headphones are more suitable for exercise? Here are some of the headphones that are very suitable for sports. Everyone depends on the needs.

1. NANK South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Transmission Sports Headphones

South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Chuan Headphones can listen to songs without entering the ear. The principle of sound is different from traditional headphones. Bone conduction is through solid sound sounds, vibrating jaw bone transmission sounds to the auditory nerves, which will not affect the air passage of our ear canal That is, we hear the outside voice, so it is more suitable for exercise.

The material of the memory of the entire fuselage, the material of the titanium titanium, can be restored to the original even if it bends 180 °. The sports group does not have to worry about the drop of drop. Fear of sweat wet.

South Card Runner PRO 3 has added a number of innovative functions, allowing bone conduction headphones to better integrate into many scenes in life. Built -in 16GB of memory, you can play music even if you do not connect to your mobile phone; at the same time, it supports the waterproof of level 8 to swim. Even in the underwater scene that does not support Bluetooth, it can be used with the MP3 function. The blessing of outdoor scene Bluetooth 5.2 can also be more stable.

2. Jabra Elite 4 ACTIVE True Wireless Sports Headphones

Jabra Elite 4 Active is a real wireless light sports headset. It uses a new earless design. The headset is only blueberry size. It is matched with light comfort and no pressure. Through the 60,000+human ear model test, the headset is stable, and the strenuous exercise is not easy to fall. IP57 -level sweat -proof and dust -proof, outdoor sports are more at ease, don't worry about dust invasion, sweat and rain will not cause damage to the headset. 45 personalized noise reduction formulas to meet the exercise needs of your various scenes, no matter where you exercise, you can bring you a comfortable noise reduction experience.

3. Beats Fit Pro Bluetooth headset

Beats Fit Pro is equipped with comfortable and fit ear wings, which can be adjusted flexibly according to your ear shape. Three different sizes of soft silicone earplugs help users easily find the right size. Beats Fit Pro also has two built -in listening modes. In the noise reduction mode, real -time audio calibrate to continuously and accurately locate external noise and optimize sound output effect; in the transparent mode, the outgoing microphone will capture the environmental sounds around you, and the playing is being played. Mixed music is mixed together.

4. Philips A5205 real wireless sports headphones

It adopts the design of ear hanging and the fuselage, which can provide excellent support and fit, and looks full of sports. In fact, the A5205's ear hanging is demolished. In addition to exercise, it can also be used as a daily listening headset. There is a physical entity button on the side of the Philips A5205 headphones. Stable and reliable operations are more suitable for use. The entire waterproofing machine supports high IPX7 -level deep waterproof.

5. Sony Wi-H700 Bluetooth sports headset

Wi-H700 is a simple but not simple high-value neck hanging headset. The sound quality is very clear and the bass is shocking. The appearance is very business, it is very comfortable to wear on the ears, and the ears will not be too tired after a long time. The neck hanging part is made of elastic silicone, which can avoid the effect of a stethoscope produced by rubbing clothes. The neck part also has an incoming vibration reminder function, and the neck hanging type is used to hanging when many people are not in use. This design allows to avoid missing important calls.

6. NANK South Card Runner CC2 Bone Chuan Headphones

This Runner CC2 headset belongs to the brand of the South Card brand. IPX6 -level waterproof levels do not need to worry about rain and sweating. Hanging ears support and fit just right. If you do not plug into the ear canal, you will not have discomfort when wearing it for a long time. It can also effectively protect hearing.

In terms of sound quality, the upgraded leak -proof sound OT2.0 system is very effective to remove the traditional shortcomings of bone conduction headphones, and to move strongly to good sound quality. You can also enjoy high -quality music without hurting your ears.

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